Sutter MD Series Micromanipulator Platform for Inverted Microscopes


Code:sutter-md-series SKU:

Sutter MP-225 Motorized Micromanuipulator

Price: $7,030.00

Code:sutter-mp-225 SKU:MP-225

Sutter MP-285 Motorized Micromanipulator

Price: $9,720.00

Code:sutter-mp-285 SKU:MP-285/R

Sutter MP-85 Huxley-Wall Style Micromanipulator

Price: $6,895.00

Code:sutter-mp85 SKU:MP-85

Sutter MT-1000/Y51 X-Y Manual Translation for Olympus BX51WI

Price: $6,510.00

Code:sutter-mt-1000-y51 SKU:MT-1000/Y51

Sutter MT-70-3 Micromanipulator 3" Tower

Price: $312.00

Code:sutter-mt-70-3 SKU:MT-70-3

Sutter MT-75 Gantry Micromanipulator Stand

Price: $835.00

Code:sutter-mt-75 SKU:MT-75

Sutter Manual Microinjector/Manual Syringe Driver

Price: $1,495.00

Code:sutter-maunual SKU:MANUAL

Sutter Lambda-LS Xenon Microscope Light Source

Price: $5,500.00

Code:sutter-lambda-ls SKU:LB-LS

Sutter MPC-200 Controller Box Only

Price: $3,090.00

Code:sutter-mpc-200 SKU:MPC-200

Sutter 3DMS-285 3 Axis Motorized Stage with MP-285 Controller

Price: $9,270.00

Code:sutter-3DMS SKU:3DMS-285

Sutter XenoWorks Micromanipulator

Price: $16,285.00

Code:sutterxenoworks-brml SKU:BRML

Sutter MT-2000 Motorized XY Translation Stage

Price: $11,500.00

Code:sutter-mt-2000 SKU:

Sutter Lambda LB-10 10 Position Filter Wheel and Controller

Price: $3,080.00

Code:sutter-lb-10-nw SKU:LB10-NW

Sutter Lambda SC SmartShutter® Controller

Price: $840.00

Code:sutter-lamda-sc SKU:LB-SC

Sutter 25mm SmartShutter® with stand-alone housing

Price: $1,245.00

Code:sutter-IQ25-sa-1 SKU:IQ25-SA-1

Prime Tech PMM-4G Piezo Impact Drive

Price: $12,620.00

Code:sutter-pmm-4g SKU:PMM-4G

Prime Tech PMM-150FU Piezo Impact Drive

Price: $16,380.00


XenoWorks Digital Microinjector

Price: $8,720.00

Code:sutter-digital-microinjector SKU:BRE

XenoWorks Analog Microinjector

Price: $2,225.00

Code:sutter-analog-microinjector SKU:BRI

Sutter-Lambda DG 4 Plus Ultra High Speed Wavelength Switcher

Price: $22,615.00

Code:sutter-lambda-dg-4plus SKU:DG-4PLUS

Sutter Lambda DG-5 PLUS High Speed Wavelength Switcher

Price: $22,615.00

Code:sutter-dg-5-plus SKU:DG-5PLUS

Sutter P-2000/G Laser-based Micropipette Puller

Price: $18,075.00

Code:sutter-p-2000-g SKU:P-2000/G

Sutter P-1000 Micropipette Puller

Price: $9,285.00

Code:sutter-p1000 SKU:P-1000

Sutter P-97 Flaming/Brown Micropipette Puller

Price: $8,870.00

Code:sutter-p97 SKU:P-97

Sutter P-2000/F Laser-based Pipette Puller

Price: $19,190.00

Code:sutter-p-2000-f SKU:P2000/F

Sutter Lambda HPX Liquid Cooled LED Light Source

Price: $6,580.00

Code:sutter-lambda-hpx SKU:LB-HPX

Sutter Lambda TLED Transmitted Light Source

Price: $2,015.00

Code:sutter-lambda-tled SKU:TLED

Sutter P-30/N Vertical Micropipette Puller with Nichrome Filament

Price: $4,120.00

Code:sutter-p-30-n SKU:P-30/N

Sutter-MT-1000/Y71 X-Y Translation System for Olympus IX71

Price: $6,510.00

Code:sutter-mt-1000-y71 SKU:MT-1000/Y71

Sutter MT-1000/Z25 X-Y Translation System for Zeiss Axioskop 2 FS

Price: $6,510.00

Code:sutter-mt-1000-z25 SKU:MT-1000/z25

Sutter MT-1000-Z45 X-Y Translation System for Zeiss Axio Examiner

Price: $6,510.00

Code:sutter-mt-1000-z45 SKU:MT-1000/Z45

Sutter MT-70-6 Micromanipulator 6" Tower

Price: $342.00

Code:sutter-mt-70-6 SKU:MT-70-6

Sutter MT-70-9 Micromanipulator 9" Tower

Price: $380.00

Code:sutter-mt-70-9 SKU:MT-70-9

Sutter BV-10-B Micropipette Beveler Basic System

Price: $3,605.00

Code:sutter-bv-10-b SKU:BV-10-B

Sutter BV-10-C Micropipette Beveler with Electrode Impedance Meter

Price: $4,675.00

Code:sutter-bv-10-c SKU:BV-10-C

Sutter BV-10-D Micropipette Beveler with 80x Stereo Microscope

Price: $4,675.00

Code:sutter-bv-10-d SKU:BV-10-D

Sutter MPC-365 Narrow Format Manipulator System

Price: $10,150.00

Code:sutter-mpc-365 SKU:MPC-365

Sutter MM-6 X Axis Micropositioner

Price: $240.00

Code:sutter-mm-6-X SKU:mm-6 x

Sutter MM-6 XY Micropositioner

Price: $445.00

Code:sutter-mm-6-XY SKU:MM-6-XY

Sutter MM-33 Micromanipulator

Price: $1,375.00

Code:sutter-mm-33 SKU:MM-33

PrimeTech HDJ-M3 Hydraulic Microinjector

Price: $1,935.00

Code:sutter-hdj-m3 SKU:HDJ-M3

Prime Tech PNJ-T2 Pneumatic Microinjector

Price: $1,835.00

Code:sutter-pnj-2 SKU:PNJ-T2

Sutter SMS-120 Flat-Top Motorized Microscope Stage

Price: $11,750.00

Code:sutter-sms-120 SKU:

Sutter Lambda VF-1 Tunable Filter Changer

Price: $5,050.00

Code:sutter-lambda-vf-1 SKU:VF-1

Sutter Lambda VF-5 Tunable Filter Changer

Price: $14,320.00

Code:sutter-lambda-vf-5 SKU:VF-5

Sutter Lambda HPX-L5 High Power LED Light Source with Liquid Lightguide

Price: $5,595.00

Code:sutter-lambda-hpx-l5 SKU:HPX-L5

Sutter Lambda XL Extended Life Light Source

Price: $6,505.00

Code:sutter-lambda-xl SKU:LB-XL

Sutter Lambda TLED+ LED Transmitted Light Source

Price: $2,335.00

Code:sutter-lambda-tled-plus SKU:TLEDPLUS

Sutter Lambda 10-3 Optical Filter Changer

Price: $2,675.00

Code:sutter-lambda-10-3 SKU:LB-10-3

Sutter MT-1000/Y53 X-Y Manual Translation for Olympus BX53WI

Price: $6,510.00

Code:sutter-mt-1000-y53 SKU:MT-1000/Y53

Sutter MT-1000/N65X-Y Manual Translation for Nikon FN1

Price: $6,510.00

Code:sutter-mt-1000-n65 SKU:MT-1000/N65

Sutter MT-1000/L30 X-Y Manual Translation for Leica DMLFS

Price: $6,510.00

Code:sutter-mt-1000-l30 SKU:MT-1000/L30

Sutter MT-1000/L35 X-Y Manual Translation for Leica DM6000FS

Price: $6,510.00

Code:sutter-mt-1000-l35 SKU:MT-1000/L35

Sutter MPC-78/Y51/FD Large Moving Platform with Motorized Focus

Price: $14,890.00

Code:sutter-mpc-y51-fd SKU:MPC-78/Y51/FD

Sutter MT-70-12 Micromanipulator 12" Tower

Price: $408.00

Code:sutter-mt-70-12 SKU:MT-70-12

Sutter MM-33A Micromanipulator with tilting mount for X Axis

Price: $2,150.00

Code:sutter-mm-33a SKU:MM-33A

Sutter MM6 XYZ Axis Micropositioner

Price: $700.00

Code:sutter-mm-6xyz SKU:MM-6-XYZ

Sutter Lambda FLED Single Wave Length Fluorescence Light Source

Price: $2,835.00

Code:sutter-lambda-fled SKU:FLED

Sutter Lambda FLED-DC Dual Channel Wave Length Fluorescence Light Source

Price: $5,770.00

Code:sutter-lambda-fled-dc SKU:FLED-DC

Sutter Lambda VF-10 Tunable Filter Changer

Price: $16,575.00

Code:sutter-lambda-vf-10 SKU:VF-10

Sutter TRIO™ 3-Axis Micromanipulator System

Price: $6,835.00

Code:sutter-trio SKU:TRIO

Sutter MPC-325 Multi-Micromanipulator System

Price: $7,830.00

Code:sutter-mpc325 SKU:MPC-325

Sutter MPC-385 Multi-Micromanipulator Systems

Price: $9,375.00

Code:sutter-mpc-385 SKU:MPC-385

Sutter Lambda 421 Beam Combining Pentagon

Price: $9,715.00

Code:sutter-lambda-421 SKU:LB-421

Sutter Lambda OBC Optical Beam Combiner

Price: $3,500.00

Code:sutter-lambda-obc SKU:LB-OBC

Sutter Lambda VF-1 Edge™ Tunable Filter Changer

Price: $9,765.00

Code:sutter-lambda-vf-1-edge SKU:VF-1 EDGE