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If you need help or have any other questions concerning your orders, please call customer support at: 800.955.7732.

Spectra Services
6359 Dean Parkway
Ontario, NY 14519 US
Customer Service: 800.955.7732

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm EST
Saturday - Sunday: Closed

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6359 Dean Parkway
Ontario, NY 14519

Meet the Team

Customer Service

Jessica 1.800.955.7732 x374 mail


Cathy 1.800.955.7732 x29 mail

Shipping / Purchasing / Materials Manager

Mike W. 1.800.955.7732 x347 mail


Vlad 1.800.955.7732 x341 mail

Laboratory Specialists

Paul 1.800.955.7732 x342 mail
Bill 1.800.955.7732 x24 mail

Microscopy Specialists

Mike P. 1.800.955.7732 x22 mail

Measurement, Spectometry, Motorized Stages, and System Design

Mike S. 1.800.955.7732 x21 mail

Micro-Positioning Specialists

Tim 1.800.955.7732 x20 mail

Service and Repair

Dave 1.800.955.7732 x28 mail