QImaging Retiga R6 USB3.0 Monochrome CCD

Retiga R6 provides a 6.0 MP platform that will fit more into your field of view. It is ideal for time lapse, tile-and-st ...more here

Price: $6,950.00

Code:qimaging-retiga-r6-monochrome SKU:01-RET-R6-R-M-14-C

QImaging Retiga Electro Monochrome Camera

The Retiga ELECTRO is a cooled 1.4MP camera that was specifically designed for the unique challenges of electrophysiolog ...more here

Price: $4,950.00

Code:qimaging-retiga-electro SKU:01-ELECTRO-M-14-C

QImaging MicroPublisher 6 Color Camera

MicroPublisher 6 also incorporates low read noise electronics, and cooling to remove hot pixels and dark current, making ...more here

Price: $4,950.00

Code:qimaging-micropublisher6 SKU:01-MP6-R-CLR-14-C

QImaging Retiga LUMO Monochrome Camera

The Retiga LUMO is packed with advanced technical features that enable detection and quantification of ultra-low light l ...more here

Price: $9,450.00

Code:qimaging-retiga-lumo SKU:01-RET-LUMO-R-M-16-C

QImaging Retiga 4000R Color Camera

4 Megapixel Color (Bayer Mosaic) CCD camera system, large field of view 21.4mm sensor diagonal, 12-bit, non-cooled ...more here

Price: $8,950.00

Code:retiga4000r-color SKU:RET-4000R-F-CLR-12