Leica S9D with Camera Port on Pole Table Stand

Price: $2,689.00

Code:sp-s9d-opti SKU:SP-S9D-OPTI-VISION

Leica N Plan 2.5x/0.07na Microscope Objective

Price: $397.00

Code:506051 SKU:506051

Leica N Plan 2.5x/0.07na Microscope Objective

Price: $567.00

Code:11506083 SKU:11506083

Leica Video Objective 1.0x Part # 10450528

Price: $562.00

Code:10445930 SKU:10445930

Leica 1.6x DSLR Camera Adapter (for APS-C Format)

Price: $1,250.00

Code:10447456 SKU:10447456


Price: $1,300.00

Code:767002 SKU:

Leica PL APO 40x/0.75na Objective

Price: $1,655.00

Code:506036 SKU:506036

Leica PL Fluotar 40x/1.00na Oil Objective

Price: $2,000.00

Code:506007 SKU:

Leica N Plan L 20x/0.40na Ph1 Objective

Price: $1,374.00

Code:506058 SKU:506058

Leica N Plan 20x/0.40na Ph1 Microscope Objective

Price: $295.00

Code:506098 SKU:

Leica N Plan 10x/0.25na Ph1 Objective

Price: $326.00

Code:506088 SKU:

Leica N Plan L 40x/0.55na Ph2 Objective

Price: $2,041.00

Code:506060 SKU:

Leica HI Plan 40x/0.50na Ph2 Objective

Price: $545.00

Code:506273 SKU:

Leica HI Plan 20x/0.30na Ph1 Objective

Price: $403.00

Code:506272 SKU:

Leica HI Plan 10x/0.22na Ph1 Objective

Price: $185.00

Code:506271 SKU:

Leica C Plan 40x/0.65na Ph2 Objective

Price: $450.00

Code:506080 SKU:

Leica 50x/.90na U-V-I Objective

Price: $1,000.00

Code:766007 SKU:

Liquid Light Guide for Leica EL6000

Price: $593.00

Code:leica-11532476 SKU:11532476

LEICA 100X/0.70na IR ObjectiveG2

Price: $4,500.00

Code:101666 SKU:101666

Leica Liquid Light Guide Coupler for EL6000

Price: $584.00

Code:10447399 SKU:10447399

Leica 0.5x Bottom Lens for S4E and all S6 Models

Price: $175.00

Code:10446318 SKU:10446318

Leica N Plan EPI 50x/0.75na BD Objective 11566074

Price: $1,518.00

Code:11566074 SKU:11566074

LEICA N Plan L 50X 0.50na BD Objective 566038

MSRP: $2,939.00 Price: $1,777.00

Code:566038 SKU:

Leica HC PL FLUOTAR 100x/0.90na BD Objective 566505

MSRP: $2,653.00 Price: $1,575.00

Code:11566505 SKU:1156605

Leica PL FLUOTAR L50x/0.55na BD Objective 766000

MSRP: $4,377.00 Price: $1,900.00

Code:11766000 SKU:766000