24" Universal Fume Hood with Exhaust Blower and Vapor Proof Light Model # 92022

24" Universal Fume Hood with Exhaust Blower  and  Vapor Proof Light  Model # 92022
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SKU: 92022
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HEMCO Universal Fume Hood with Exhaust Blower & Vapor Proof Light 24" Model 92002

The Universal Fume Hood Model 92022 measures 24"x21"x36" WxDxH and comes equipped with built in Exhaust Blower & Vapor Proof Light. Ideal for for light to medium duty fume removal. Has sturdy dual wall construction, and a fully vertical sliding sash typically found on larger more expensive Fume Hoods.

  • Perfect for laboratories where space is
    limited or when multiple hoods are needed.
  • Durable One-Piece Fiberglass Construction
  • Completely molded of durable chemical resistant and fire retardant fiberglass.
  • Seamless , one piece construction with all coved corners for easy cleaning.
  • Fully Adjustable Sliding Sash, the sash is made of 3/16” thick shatterproof Plexiglas.
  • Sash is fully adjustable to allow easy access into the fume chamber.
  • Vapor proof incandescent lighting provides a bright,
    glare free work area.
  • Full 36" Viewing Height: With 28.5" Sash opening height for ease of access and viewing tall apparatus set up. Sash is 3/16 thick tempered safety glass.
  • A full selection of accessories and components including work surfaces, base cabinets, plumbing and electrical services are available.


Specifications and Ordering Info
Universal Fume Hood

Universal Fume Hood and Vapor Proof Light comes equipped with built in 115V, 60Hz Exhaust Blower with polypro impeller wheel & Vapor Proof Light and switch and 8' 3 wire cord. All electrical services are U.L. and C.S.A. approved. Shipped completely assembled.

Dimensions: WxDxH 24"x21"x36"

Vinylester Work Surface
Fume Hood Safety Panel, inserted under the sash to protect operator from hazards from within the fume chamber.