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Sutter MPC-365 Narrow Format Manipulator System
    Sutter MPC-365 Narrow Format Manipulator System
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    • Sutter MPC-365 Narrow Format Manipulator System

      SKU: MPC-365
      Product Code: sutter-mpc-365
      Vendor: Sutter Instrument
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    Our new MP-265/M "narrow format" mechanical is designed especially for patch-slice manipulator systems that require more than 2 or 3 pipettes as well as for other setups where space is limited.

    The MP265/M mechanical builds on our existing manipulator line in several ways. First, the narrow format means more manipulators can be grouped around a recording chamber. Next, the narrow format MP-265/M allows a high precision manipulator to be inserted into small spaces in existing setups. Finally, travel in the Y-axis is shortened (12.5 mm) both to economize on width and because radially oriented manipulators do not require long travel in the traverse axis.

    The MP-265/M manipulator is designed specifically for systems requiring 4 or more manipulators. To this end, we have put together systems with special pricing for 4, 5 and 6 manipulators, and 2 or 3 dual manipulator controllers. The optional narrow-format stand and linear slide or rotating base is available for mounting the MP-265/M mechanicle. With the 150mm throw of the linear slide, the manipulator can be quickly and smoothly moved out to a location where there is easy access to the pipette for replacement. A rotating base can be used for mounting to large platform stages like the Sutter MT-78, or smaller Sutter MD Series platforms.

    MPC-365 systems are formed by using the popular Sutter MPC-200 dual manipulator controller and ROE-200, with one or more MP-265/M mechanicals. A single MPC-200 controllers and ROE-200 can run one or two MP-265/M manipulators. A single ROE-200, when paired with two MPC-200 controllers can control up to four MP-265/M manipulators. If you require more manipulators in a single setup, you simply duplicate the smaller systems. A new firmware version of the MPC-200/ROE-200 automatically recognizes the MP-265/M mechanical and adjusts accordingly.

    Single controller and ROE will run two stepper motor drive manipulators
    Self-detecting, daisy-chain capability allows control of four manipulators from one ROE-200
    User-friendly interface: single button access to all major functions
    New Accelerated Mode for fast, manual manipulator movement
    Easy toggle selection of Mode (speed/resolution, pulsed diagonal, Accelerated Mode)
    Display indicates X, Y, Z coordinates, Mode, active manipulator
    Robotic Home and Work Position moves for easy automated pipette exchange
    Faster robotic moves than previous versions
    Definable 4th axis for coaxial pipette movement, angle selected by DIP switches
    Simple USB interface
    Toggle switch selects which manipulator is connected to input device
    LED and display indicate active manipulator
    Low-drift mechanical stability
    Narrow stand with linear slide or rotating base mounting options