Suruga Seiki DS102NR-IO Stepping motor controller AC100-240V

Suruga Seiki DS102NR-IO  Stepping motor controller AC100-240V
Code: sc-ds102nrio
Vendor: Suruga


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Suruga Seiki DS102NR-IO Stepping Motor Controller AC100-240V



The DS102NR-IO stepping motor controller is a small and low cost two axis controller for driving two 5-phase DS102 (0.75A/phase) stepping motors. The DS102NR-IO is a normal (Full/Half) driver type controller with an I/O port for controlling external devices .

  • Linear interpolation of two axes is possible.
  • Using the link function, it is possible to link and use three units (up to six axes can be controlled). Using a USB hub connection, one PC can control up to 24 axes. 
  • RoHS compliant, you can use this product overseas with ease. 
  • Compatible with the D200 series, so you can use your existing software without changes. 

Note 1:For setting the program functions and teaching functions, etc., of the DS102 series controller, the separately available 'DT100' handy terminal and dedicated control software 'DSCONTROL-WIN' are required. 

Note 2:You cannot use the solenoid brake as is. Please contact us.

  1.Power switch *1
4.RS232C *2
5.USB Connector *3
6.LINK Connector7.DIP switch *4
8.EMS Connector *5
9.For control I/O connector *6
10.Universal I/O connector *7
11.Stage connector*8
12.Fuse holder
13.AC Inlet
Outside dimension 140(W)×300(D)×90(H)mm
Input power AC100~240V±10%、50/60Hz
Maximum power consumption 70W or less
Driver rated current 0.75A/phase
Driver type normal (FULL/HALF)
Number of control axis 2
Coordinate setting range ±99,999,999pls
Driving speed setting range 1~999,999pps
Startup speed setting range 1~9,999pps
Acceleration/deceleration speed time setting range 1~9,999ms
Machine limit Two points per axis CW/CCW direction (logic switchable)
Proximity origin detection 1 point per axis (logic switchable)
Origin detection 1 point per axis (logic switchable)
Origin detection method 12 methods
home position 1 point per axis (can be set arbitrarily within valid display range)
External communication interface RS232C:4,800~38,400bps【D-SUB9 pin male】 Only USB2.0: Full/Low Speed is supported【mini USB B terminal】 DIO: Input 9 points (24V photo coupler), output 12 point (open collector)
Link function RS485 (up to 3 units and 6 axes can be controlled externally by daisy chain)
Program function 8 program (100 step/program, can be started and stopped by control I/O)
Teaching function 64 points (positioning is enabled by control I/O)
Interpolating function 6 axis interpolation (however, linear interpolation between linked equipment is not available)
General I/O Input 16 point (24V photo coupler) Output 12 points (open collector)
Weight 2.2kg