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Prior ProScan H31 Controller
    Prior ProScan H31 Controller
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    • Prior ProScan H31 Controller

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      Vendor: Prior Scientific
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    The compact and modular design of the ProScan¬III system is capable of controlling up to 16 individual stepper motor axes including; a motorized stage, focus motor, three filter wheels and three shutters with the speed, accuracy and precision required by today’s highly automated and demanding applications. Communication to the controller has been improved, as a USB with direct HID connection is now available making the unit both Windows and Mac compatible. Four programmable TTL inputs and outputs allow the unit peripherals or external cameras to be controlled via TTL. The advanced internal software allows for simple control of all accessories via Prior’s new╩Interactive Control Center (ICC) Joystick, RS232 or USB, and a SDK is supplied for easy integration into third party software. Access to acceleration, speed and even drive current is also made available for more advanced users to allow total customization of the unit.

    ProScan¬III provides a modular approach to minimize the footprint of the controller.╩
    The cubic design provides stylish looks with a footprint of only 177x177mm. The base unit is designed to accommodate a three axis system, e.g., a stage and focus. Additional functionality can be added to the╩unit via modular sections which allow for easy expansion. The ancillary box (as shown in the image to the right) accommodates any extra functionality required, e.g., three filter wheels and╩Accessories can be controlled in either the main cube or the ancillary boxes, providing a system which is totally configurable. ProScan¬III can be expanded horizontally to accommodate increased functionality, easing the pressure on the limited space in modern labs.

    CSA & MET Labs Certifications

    Prior Scientific is proud to announce that the╩ProScan III H31 Controller╩is CSA(Canadian Standards Association) certified. The CSA certification mark assures major retailers, distributors, regulators and consumers that the ProScan III H31 Controller underwent rigorous testing to meet the U.S. and Canadian industry standards for safety and performance. To obtain CSA certification, Prior Scientific worked closely with MET Laboratories, a leading independent electrical testing and certification lab to obtain the certification.

    Key features:

    • Compact, space saving design.
    • Modular, expand to include the axes you need.
    • Control up to 16 axes
    • Drive stages at up to 300mms-1
    • Intelligent Scanning Technology (IST)
    • USB or RS232 communications
    • Programmable TTLs
    • Compatible with Interactive Control Centre
    • Encoder upgradable