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Pico200 Microliter UV/Vis Spectrophotometer
    Pico200 Microliter UV/Vis Spectrophotometer
    Purchase Pico200 Microliter UV/Vis Spectrophotometer
    • Pico200 Microliter UV/Vis Spectrophotometer

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    The Pico200 Quantica allows the user to maintain the highest levels of user and sample protection and eliminate the risk of potential cross contamination or carry-over on the sample platform.

    For a comprehensive stand-alone solution the Pico200 provides a built-in screen and programming with additional options including printer, SD Card slot and Bluetooth PC communication.

    The P200 comes complete with a choice of electronic or manual pipette, ensuring you can maximise throughput without compromising reproducability or quality of results.
    As an optional extra we offer a 10mm cuvette holder which is compatible with all standard cuvettes. The cuvette holder does not require a dark environment and is compatible with standard cuvettes from 10mm to 1mm pathlength.

    If required the P200 can be connected to a PC and the PVC software supplied with the system can be used to import your sample data directly to the PC for further data analysis 

    The P200 is manufactured under ISO9001 conditions and is supplied complete with detailed testing certificate and validation report.

    Dual Circuit Technology
    The cutting edge CCD detector in combination with our dual circuit technology provides the ultimate sensitivity and reproducibility for low concentration measurements. The second built-in fiibre optic circuit monitors any fluctuations in light intensity and provides an effective background cancellation system.

    Measure nucleic acid samples down to 3ng/ul and proteins down to 0.1mg/ml in only 3 seconds for each measurement.