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Microscope Refurbishment
    Microscope Refurbishment
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    • Microscope Refurbishment

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    Protect Your Investment

    A microscope is a costly investment that must be maintained to insure optimum image quality and trouble-free operation. Spectra Services trained technicians will help you to safeguard your investment by providing quality service at your location ( New York only).

    Why Ask Spectra Services To Service Your Microsocope?

    Most microscope service companies will clean the lenses and wipe down the exterior of the instrument, but that’s not enough. Over time the grease will harden and cause parts to beccome hard to move and eventually freeze up. Contact us before gears get stripped. Protect your investment by having it done right. Spectra Services Service Department has the tools and the technology to disassemble, clean, lubricate, reassemble, and realign your microscope to insure optimum image quality and trouble-free operation.

    And Did You Know

    We Service All Major Brands.

    In addition to regularly attending training courses at the Zeiss Service Center in Thornwood, NY, our Service Technicians have extensive experience servicing all major microscope brands such as Carl Zeiss, Olympus, Nikon and Leica.

    Our Services Typically Include:

    • Inspection of mechanical operation
    • Disassembly, inspection, and cleaning of major components-nosepiece, condenser, mechanical stage, field diaphragm & camera (if applicable)
    • Lubrication & adjustment as necessary
    • Cleaning of external surfaces of body
    • Optical inspection for resolution & alignment
    • Objectives individually inspected & cleaned
    • Inspect & clean external eyepiece lenses
    • Operational inspection of diopter control (if applicable)
    • Inspection of illumination system
    • Alignment of illumination systems
    • Cleaning of all lenses, prisms, mirrors & all plastic surfaces
    • Electrical systems check
    • Parts replaced as necessary (at additional cost)
    • Recommendations noted and service sticker supplied