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Hamamatsu ORCA-Lighting Digital CMOS Camera

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    Hamamatsu ORCA-Lighting Digital CMOS Camera

    SKU: C14120-20P

    Vendor: Hamamatsu
    Part Number: hamamatsu-lightning

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    ORCA-Lightning Digital CMOS camera C14120-20P

    Inspiration does not obey speed limits.

    For imaging scientists, inspiration is often found at the edges―at the spatial, temporal, and optical boundaries of a system. It’s that grainy image of the cytoskeleton that has just enough photons to confidently resolve two unique molecules. It’s data extracted from a few pixels, whittled away from a larger array, to achieve capture rates relevant to neuronal signaling. It’s the mesmerizing cellular migrations of a developing embryo, reconstructed from a lightsheet time-lapse, that offer new insights and spark new questions.
    By more than doubling speed, resolution and field of view relative to current scientific cameras, the ORCA-Lightning is designed to inspire new frontiers of exploration. Compared to a Gen II sCMOS, the ORCA-Lightning delivers 2 times the pixel area, 2.8 times the pixels and 3.4 times faster pixel-per-second readout.
    All these increases translate to the ability to capture more image data faster, and still achieve Hamamatsu-quality images and information content. So whether you’re developing the next cutting-edge lightsheet system or building a library of the mouse connectome, the high throughput of the ORCA-Lightning will get you to your goal faster. And, we hope, open doors to new discoveries.


    • High resolution : 4608 x 2592 (12 Megapixels)
    • High Speed: 121 frames/s (at full resolution)
    • Read noise : 2.0 electrons rms (Standard Full Well Capacity mode)
    • Pixel size : 5.5 μm X 5.5 μm
    • Dynamic Range 17 000:1 (High Full Well Capacity mode)
    • Peak QE : 60 % (at 550 nm)


    High-speed imaging

    Can even take high-speed images which were difficult to fully capture until now, with approximately 6 times the readout speed, while maintaining a level of readout noise similar to that of ORCA-Flash4.0 V3.


    Speed comparison with ORCA-Flash4.0 V3

    Cameras used in light-sheet microscopes put emphasis on high speed, demanding fast readout. Because images with increased readout speed result in obtaining fewer photons upon capture, it is necessary to keep the camera's readout noise low when trying to capture high S/N images. ORCA-Lightning can capture images at approximately 6 times the readout speed, while maintaining a level of readout noise similar to that of ORCA-Flash4.0 V3.

    Using CoaXPress as an interface and optimizing high speed data transfer to the PC, ORCA-Lightning realizes high-speed image acquisition.

    Readout speed (for each effective number of pixels and modes)

    Customers can select the best mode depending on their usage.
    In addition to a readout from a Standard Full Well Capacity mode (12 bit), ORCA-Lightning also supports a readout from a High Full Well Capacity mode (16 bit) for high dynamic range.

    High speed test of 3D imaging

    We took consecutive images and produced 3D imaging of a free-swimming Volvox.
    When capturing the image of a free-swimming Volvox, imaging speed of 2-dimensional (area of observation) and 3-dimensional (number of images) settings were selected with a precondition of approximately 8 volumes per second.
    With its high speed, ORCA-Lightning can capture clearer images within a wide range compared to ORCA-Flash4.0 V3.

    Imaging conditions

    • Microscope: ezDSLM (light-sheet microscope)
    • Objective lens: 10×
    • Excitation wavelength: 488 nm
    • Fluorescence wavelength: red (autofluorescence)
    • Sample: Volvox
    • Observation target: Free-swimming Volvox
    • Method of imaging: Acquisition of approximately 8 volume image (stereoscopic) per second

    Lightsheet Readout Mode [Patented]

    “Lightsheet Readout Mode” is a unique and patented feature of Hamamatsu sCMOS cameras which can improve signal to noise ratios in Lightsheet microscopy.
    For more information about the principle and features of Lightsheet Readout Mode, please see details from below.


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