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X-Cite XLED1 Advanced LED light source for fluorescence excitation
    X-Cite XLED1 Advanced LED light source for fluorescence excitation
    Purchase X-Cite XLED1 Advanced LED light source for fluorescence excitation
    • X-Cite XLED1 Advanced LED light source for fluorescence excitation

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    Advanced LED light source for fluorescence excitation

    The X-Cite¨XLED1 is a high-power LED light source designed to optimize fluorophore excitation with unmatched LED switching speeds. Its unique plug-and-play modularity allows the system to evolve alongside changing research applications, with easily interchangeable LED modules. With unprecedented wavelength switching speeds to capture fast cell dynamics and advanced triggering options including X-Cite Live Mode to extend live-cell imaging experiments, the X-Cite XLED1 represents the industry's next generation of fluorescence LED illumination.

    Features Benefits
    Maximum power and individual LED control Use up to four high power LED modules with fine excitation control while balancing illumination intensity between channels and protecting specimens against photodamage.
    Unmatched field uniformity at the specimen X-Cite microscope adaptors lead the industry in field uniformity without the need for alignment, while saving time on maintenance and ensuring peace-of-mind in experimental results.
    Adaptable plug-and-play modularity Each LED module and associated optical components can be quickly swapped in the field for another wavelength depending on the needs of your application.
    Rapid wavelength switching to capture fast cell dynamics Each LED module is designed to integrate and easily interchange individual excitation filters, allowing accelerated wavelength switching beyond the scope of motorized filter wheels.
    Flexible triggering for sequential or simultaneous imaging Triggering sequences can be combined with a high degree of control over individual LED intensity to excite and image multiple fluorophores when examining very fast moving specimens or for live-cell ratio imaging.
    X-Cite Live Cell Mode to limit photobleaching and cellular damage Researchers can extend the time frame of their live-cell imaging experiments by reducing the degree of free radical formation caused by the continuous illumination of fluorescent proteins.

    System Configuration Options

    Bundled Systems to Meet your Needs

    To simplify system selection, the XLED1 offers three bundled configurations as standard options that are designed to address primary fluorescence applications. These bundles provide a complete system solution with the following components included:

    • X-Cite XLED1 base unit and GUI software
    • Four LED modules and appropriate dichroics
    • One liquid light guide and microscope adaptor
    • Set of four excitation filter holders

    Researchers also have the flexibility to tailor an XLED1 system as necessary to meet the needs of their application.


    Excitation Spectra

    X-Cite XLED1 configurations includes: X-Cite XLED1 illumination system, optional XLED1 touch screen controller, four modules, user manual (CD) with GUI and USB driver, quick start guide, liquid light guide, microscope adaptor, power cord, four excitation filter holders, USB cable
    X-Cite XLED1 System
    Wavelengths: Wavelengths and configurator available at
    Dimensions: 8.5″ (W) x 8″ (H) x 15″ (D) (22cm x 20cm x 39cm)
    Weight: ~7.3kg, ~16lbs (full system)
    Supply: Universal input of 100-240Volts AC, 50-60Hz. Fused at 6.3A
    Connectivity: USB type-B female
    Trigger Input BNC (TTL-compatible)*
    Sync Output BNC (TTL-compatible)*

    *Optional cables required
    Triggering: Internal/External User-defined per channel
    Global trigger input
    User-defined free-running or single shot pulse modes
    Internal triggering generated from internal pulse generator 10µs (min), up to 18 hours (max)
    Sync Out: Mapped echo of LED cycles on separate output pins
    Sync Out Phase Control: Individual control of sync phase advance/retard (half of max cycle duration)
    Channel Switching Speeds: USB < 1ms; Internal/External TTL Triggering down to10μs
    Minimum Duty Cycle: 10µs
    X-Cite XLED1 Touch Screen Controller (Optional)
    Screen: Medical/Industrial grade 7″ touch screen; 16:9 aspect ratio and LED backlight with adjustable intensity
    Resolution: 800 x 480 pixels
    Display Viewing Area: 6″ (W) x 3.5″ (H) (15cm x 9cm)
    External Dimensions: 8″ (W) x 2.5″ (H) x 5.5″ (D) (20cm x 7cm x 14cm)
    Program: Lumen Dynamics proprietary graphical user interface
    Connectivity: ~2.5m connectorized power and data combo cable
    Power: < 10 watts
    Certifications: CE Marked, Certified to IEC, Canadian and US standards, RoHS compliant
    Warranty: X-Cite XLED1 System, XLED1 touch screen controller and XLED1 LED drivers: 12 months from shipping. LED modules: 20,000 hours or 3 years