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Asbestos PLM Microscope with Trinocular Head
    Asbestos PLM Microscope with Trinocular Head
    Purchase Asbestos PLM Microscope with Trinocular Head
    • Asbestos PLM Microscope with Trinocular Head

      SKU: MT-6130
      Product Code: asbestos-microscope-mt6130
      Vendor: Meiji
    • MSRP: $6,775.00    Price: $6,097.50

      Shipping Weight: 29.00 lbs

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    Features include:

    • Polarizing microscope, trinocular head with DIN standard eyepiece HWF10X and DIN focusing HWF10XF eyepiece with cross-line reticle.
    • Centerable quadruple nosepiece with Semi Plan Strain free objectives 10X, 20X, 40X and Dispersion Staining 10X
    • Rotatable stage with graduation 360°, with vernier graduations to 0.1° degree
    • Rotatable polarizer in swing-out mount, analyzer and Bertrand lens in sliding mount
    • Coaxial coarse and fine adjustment with graduation, built-in Koehler illuminator with halogen lamp 6V 30W light intensity control.
    • Includes First order red plate and Analyzer in sliding mount
    • Supplied with dust cover and Instruction Manual for MT6100 Series
    • Specifications:

      • Trinocular PLM Asbestos Microscope for NIOSH 9002 Reference Method. Strain free condenser and  strain free objectives with pre-centered transmitted Koehler illuminator with 6V 30W Halogen lamp with variable intensity control 
      • Binocular head, 30° inclination. One eye tube slotted for orientation of cross-line focusing eyepiece
      • KHW-10X focusing eyepiece with cross-line and guide pin,(ea) (21mm reticle mount) (Tube O.D. 23.2mm)
      • KHW-10X Compensating eyepiece, F.N.20 (each)(Tube O.D. 23.2mm)
      • Reverse Facing Quadruple Nosepiece ball-bearing with one fixed and three centerable objective apertures
      •Strain free Plan objective 10X/N.A. 0.25, W.D. 7.3mm
      • Strain free Plan objective 10X/N.A. 0.25, W.D. 10.6mm (Dispersion Staining Objective)
      • Strain free Plan objective 20X/N.A. 0.40, W.D. 7.29mm • Strain free Plan objective 40XS/N.A. 0.40, W.D. 0.72mm
      • Strain free Abbe condenser, N.A. 1.25, includes sliding mount with annulus for 10X, 20X, 40X phase or dispersion staining objectives, iris diaphragm, dovetail mount
      • Focusing Centering Telescope, 23.2mm O.D.
      Stainless Steel Stage Clips ( 2 pcs.)
      • First Order Red compensating plate, 530nm for MT6100 (20mm X 6mm X 80mm)
      • Analyzer (Sliding type for MT6100 Series (26mm X 6mm X 80mm)
      • Bertrand lens (Sliding type) for MT6100 Series (Built in to frame)
      • Rotatable stage with Vernier graduation 360° with Vernier, reading to 1°, 150mm diameter with stainless steel stage clips (Factory Installed)
      • Coaxial coarse and fine focusing controls with graduation reading 2 microns power division.  Incorporates tension adjustment and safety Auto-focus stage stop lever
      • Blue clear daylight filter, 29.8mm diameter, unmounted
      • Bulb 6V 30W Halogen (Factory Installed)
      • Swing in-out click/clamp mount, fully rotatable 360° with click stop at 0°and 90°
      • Dust cover for MT6100 Series 
      • Limited Lifetime Warranty Card 
      • 100% MADE IN JAPAN
      • Customer Support: 1-(800) 955-7732 (U.S.A Based)