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Schott DCR III Fiber Optic Illuminator DDL Lamp A20800.2
    Schott DCR III Fiber Optic Illuminator DDL Lamp A20800.2
    Purchase Schott DCR III Fiber Optic Illuminator DDL Lamp A20800.2
    • Schott DCR III Fiber Optic Illuminator DDL Lamp A20800.2

      SKU: A20800.2
      Product Code: a20800-2
      Vendor: Schott
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    SCHOTT A20800.2 DCR III Fiber Optic Light Source Illuminator


    - Electronic current limiting protects the unit from overheating due to defective and aging lamps.
    - A lamp change indicator at the front panel of the unit alerts the user of impending lamp failure due to an open or partly shorted filament. This information is also available via the analog 9-PIN connector.
    - The electronically stabilized internal switching power supply accepts universal input voltage from 90-265 VAC. Thus, the light output does not change when the input voltage fluctuates.

    The DCR III is a DC-regulated 150 watt-halogen light source which provides intense, cold illumination for Machine Vision applications. Powered by an internal switching power supply with universal input voltage, the light output does not flicker with the 50 Hz AC-frequency. This makes the DCR III the light source of choice for various Machine Vision applications. Equipped with similar, established features of the ACE Light Source, the DCR III consists of rugged and stackable housing, Modulamp assembly with the choice of three lamp types and 9-pin analog connector.


  • DC-regulated light source limits light fluctuation to 0.5% due to line voltage variation
  • Universal input voltage accepts 90 to 265 VAC
  • Current limiting protects the unit from over heating due to defective and aging bulbs.
  • Transient protection allows remote location of bulb.
  • Lamp change indicator light - LED located on front panel changes from green to red when lamp requires replacement.
  • Soft start “lamp saver” circuitry
  • IR filter for cool illumination
  • Solid state dimmer control for continuous dimming
  • Interchangeable Modulamp Units offer 2 lamp positions to maximize individual lamp efficiencies.
  • Choice of three, 150 watt halogen lamps - EKE, EJA and DDL
  • Can power the RS232 from the 9-pin connector
  • Built-in 9-pin connector for analog remote control or RS-232 connection (A20601)
  • Detachable IEC cord
  • Quiet fan cooling
  • CSA approved to UL spec, CE compliant to low voltage and EMC directives
  • Low housing temp slightly above ambient
  • The Schott A20800.2 DCR III comes with (1) DDL 20v 150watt Light Bulb