Schott DCR III Fiber Optic Illuminator DDL Lamp A20800.2

Schott DCR III Fiber Optic Illuminator DDL Lamp A20800.2
Code: a20800-2
SKU: A20800.2
Vendor: Schott
Weight: 13.00 lbs
MSRP: $699.00
Price: $629.10

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Product Details

  • DC-regulated light source limits light fluctuation to 0.5% due to line voltage variation
  • Universal input voltage accepts 90 to 265 VAC
  • Current limiting protects the unit from over heating due to defective and aging bulbs.
  • Transient protection allows remote location of bulb.
  • Lamp change indicator light - LED located on front panel changes from green to red when lamp requires replacement.
  • Soft start “lamp saver” circuitry
  • IR filter for cool illumination
  • Solid state dimmer control for continuous dimming
  • Interchangeable Modulamp Units offer 2 lamp positions to maximize individual lamp efficiencies.
  • Choice of three, 150 watt halogen lamps - EKE, EJA and DDL
  • Can power the RS232 from the 9-pin connector
  • Built-in 9-pin connector for analog remote control or RS-232 connection (A20601)
  • Detachable IEC cord
  • Quiet fan cooling
  • CSA approved to UL spec, CE compliant to low voltage and EMC directives
  • Low housing temp slightly above ambient