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MAC 6000 Systems
    MAC 6000 Systems
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    • MAC 6000 Systems

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      Vendor: Ludl
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    LEP MAC 6000 Systems Click Here to get a PDF About Ludl MAC 6000 Modular Atomation Controller Click Here to get a PDF for Ludl MAC 6000 Configuration  Manual
    The MAC 6000 sets the standard for high performance microscope automation control. With the MAC 6000 you add modules and input contols to create a system for your specific application, the MAC 6000 features a fully compatible command set that permits simple migration from existing LEP controller systems. For advanced applications, the MAC 6000 introduces an additional event based command set that eliminates conventional software polling and boosts performance and throughput of applications and systems.
    The MAC 6000 controller is the fifth generation automation controller from Ludl Electronic Products. Effectively addressing critical requirements with state of the art electronics, the MAC 6000 offers all the commonly expected features plus much more powerful additional functionality.
    Digital ID:

    Every LEP automation component contains a
    digital ID. The digital ID is a small non-volatile
    memory device that contains information specific to the component. Information that describes the performance of the component as well as general information that can be used to uniquely identify it is programmed at the factory. The MAC 6000 controller system uses this information to configure itself for optimal performance. There are no configuration switches or jumpers. Each module auto configures without the need for user intervention.

    • Modular architecture
    • RS-232 / USB
    • Ethernet
    • Embedded script programming
    • 100% software configurable
    • RoHS compliant
    • Automatic device tuning
    Operating Requirements:
    Power 90-250VAC 50/60Hz 150w
    Base Dimension 150mm x 203mm x 62mm
    Module Height 20mm
    Operating Temperature 10-50°C non-condensing
    Approximate Weight (base) 1.3 kg
    Compliance UL 61010A-1, CE, CSA, RoHS
    Designed for Science:

    Can a controller influence precision and performance? Yes. The MAC 6000 controller is designed to provide high performance, run cooler and minimize electrical interference. The microstepping motor drives feature a unique DC linear technology that eliminates radiated electrical energy and temperature rise of the motor. The result is more accurate data, more accurate position and less uncertainty. Better science.

    Beyond Simple Control:

    While the MAC 6000 can perform as a simple controller system that processes host commands, it also has functionality that goes far beyond a simple controller.

    The built-in programmable scripting language allows the MAC 6000 to execute scripts for sequencing actions. In utilizing the scripting language the user can create new commands to add functionality and program sequences. For example, scripts can be easily created to synchronize functions, time operations, perform safety interlock and more.

    The MAC 6000 is the first controller from LEP that provides an Ethernet port. With this functionality, the MAC 6000 can become a web host and provide telnet communication. The MAC 6000 can be accessed via the internet from anywhere in the world! Expanded communication ports include dual RS-232 ports up to 115k baud, Ethernet and USB. A robust multi-protocol communication language ensures compatibility with legacy LEP MAC 5000 and MAC 2000/2002 controller systems. New protocols expand the power to interface better with contemporary host processing architectures.
    MAC 6000 Systems Configuration
    Module # Click on Module to Learn more
    MAC 6000 Systems
    System #
    The MAC 6000 base system is the foundation for a custom system. Add
    modules and input controls to create a
    system for your application.
    XY stage controller system. Complete
    system to control LEP XY stages.
    XY stage and focus controller system. Complete system to control LEP XY
    stages and focus motors.
    Focus motor control system. Add focus motor and optional encoder for high
    performance focus control.
    Stepper filter/shutter controller system.
    Control up to two wheels and three
    DC Servo filter/shutter controller system. Add up to two high speed DC servo filter wheels. 996066
    Piezo motor control system. Add piezo
    drive for high performance focus
    All Systems

    The MAC 6000 standard configurations include the described modules, US 115v line cord, RS-232, Ethernet and USB cables and user documentation.

    The MAC 6000 system is compliant with EU Directive 2002/95/EC for removal of hazardous substances (Pb, Hg, Cd, Cr(VI),PBB and PBDE). Ludl Electronic Products is committed to producing products that are environmentally friendly. We will continue to make it our responsibility to take an active role in conservation and protection of resources.

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