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TS1500 Hot Stage
    TS1500 Hot Stage
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    • TS1500 Hot Stage

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      Vendor: Linkam
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    The TS1500 stage is ideally suited to the study of ceramics, metallurgy, materials, geology and high temperature polymers at both high and low heating and cooling rates.

    The sample is placed inside the ceramic sample cup (2.5 or 6mm deep sample cups available) so that the sample is heated from underneath as well as from the sides. The new T95 controller enables the stage to heat samples at an incredible 200°C/min.

    The TS1500 has the option to be ordered with vacuum connectors, allowing for vacuum conditions to be created within the stage. Electrical connections can also be added to the TS1500 stage to enable measurement of electrical properties during heating experiments.


    • Temperature Range ambient to 1500°C
    • Heating rates up to 200°C/min
    • Type S Pt-10% Rh/Pt Thermocouple
    • Sample cup 7mm diameter x 3mm deep (7mm x 6mm deep optional)
    • Objective Lens minimum working distance 6.1mm (for 7/3 cup) or 9mm (for 7/6 cup)
    • Condenser minimum working distance 14.8mm (for 7/3 cup) or 12.1mm (for 7/6 cup)
    • Light aperture - 1.7mm for accurate sample temperature
    • Suitable for transmitted and reflected light
    • Quick-release gas valves for atmospheric control
    • Clamps directly to microscope substage
    • Water cooling connections for stage lid and body
    • Low mass for fast response in both heating and cooling
    • Stage body size 104 x 95 x 29mm
    • Stage Weight: 0.5Kg


    This new version of the extremely successful TS1500 stage features a rotating sample observation window. When a sample releases volatiles the observation window may fog up preventing the user from seeing the sample. Now you can simply rotate the window to expose a clean area to continue viewing the sample.

    The performance and working distance are the same, though no transmitted light or vacuum options are available.