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FBS10 Fluorescence Microscope
    FBS10 Fluorescence Microscope
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    • FBS10 Fluorescence Microscope

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      Vendor: Kramer Scientific
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    Fluorescence Microscope FBS10 Fluorescence System from Kramer Scientific

    The FBS10: The next logical step in hybrid microscope design. This configuration was inspired by leading C. Elegans researchers who wanted better light throughput to identify weak fluorescence markers in transgenics without the need to remount live animals from plastic agar dishes. Manipulators and pick-ing are accommodated by an open design with sufficient working distance even at high magnification. The user can flip to pseudo-stereo to enhance 3D imaging.

    The fluorescence turret is our unique patented design that couples to modern light sources by liquid light guide and can hold up to 8 filter cubes.

    In standard form, a separate white light illuminator can be plugged into the base with a mirror reflector. For thicker transparent species, like zebrafish, a DIC option is a powerful accessory.

    Standard FBS10 Fluorescence System Includes
    • Long working distance high Numerical Aperture
      objectives provide high fluorescence throughput
    • Quick magnification change from low to high power by Flip Zoom 0.5X – 1X- 2X using the same objective, ideal when using micromanipulators
    • Quintuple revolving nosepiece
    • Objective magnification range from 1X to 400X
    • 8 position Fluorescence Illuminator holds up to 8 different filter cubes in Turret for quick changes between wavelengths
    • Prism slider provides 100% light to camera
    • High intensity liquid guide lightsource
    • Stereo observation ideal for manipulation in C. elegans picking
    • Coarse and fine focus drive with different gear ratio options
    • Transmitted light Mirror Base with hand rests, sliding and tilting parabolic mirror gives higher N.A.
    • High resolution with long working distance
    • NO slide mounting necessary! The FBS10 works through a covered petrie dish and agar environment
    • Better light throughput than stereo
    • DIC model available with condenser base and glide stage for fine positioning
    • Unique patented turret design allows rapid changes of multiple filter sets
    • Up to 8 filter cubes may be installed on each Fluorescence Illuminator
    • High Fluorescence Resolution on Agar - no need for slide mounting
    • Stereo vision for sorting under high magnification
    • DIC option for high contrast imaging
    FBS10 Options
    • Foot switch light control for switching transmitted light on or off
    • Research transmitted light base with hand rests & condenser (0.2 – 0.5NA) allows oblique illumination
    • Glide stage with mechanical condenser shutter eliminates condenser reflections in fluorescence using low power objectives. Lockable stage for C. elegans picking
    • Differential Interference Contrast usable through agar and plastic petri dishes provides magnification range 25X to 400X
    • Trinocular observation tube (100- 100% or 50-50%)
    • LED lightsource for transmitted light option
    Filter Sets For FBS10
    Over 40 different specialized filter cubes fitting into the Octo Fluorescence Illuminator holding up to 8 cubes for all fluorescence applications. Listed below are our standard options but we can provide any others to special order.
    Description Exciter Dichroic Emission Part Number
    FITC WIDEBAND D480/30 50C5LP D535/40M KSC-410-811ND
    GFP WIDEBAND ET470/40X T495LP K500LP KSC 410-813D
    GFP NARROWBAND HQ470/40 495LP HQ525/50BP KSC 410-814D
    RHODAMINE D540/25 565LP D605/55BP KSC 410-815D
    PROPIDIUM IODIDE CUBE D540/25 565DCLP D630/60 KSC 410-816D
    BFP WIDEBAND SLIDER D390/22 420LP D430LP KSC 410-817WD
    BFP NARROWBAND SLIDER D390/22 420LP D460/50BP KSC 410-817ND
    TEXAS RED D560/40 595LP D630/60BP KSC 410-818D
    UV/ VIOLET BP355-425 RKP455 LP470 KSC 410-819D
    DAPI D405/10 425DCLP D460/50 KSC 410-820D
    CY5.5 D660/20 660DCLP D700/30 KSC 410-821D
    CY5 HQ620/60 Q660LP HQ700/75 KSC 410-822D
    YFP HQ500/20 Q515LP HQ535/30 KSC 410-823D
    CFP D436/20 455DCLP D480/40 KSC 410-824D
    BETA LACTAMOSE HQ405/20 425DCXR HQ430LP KSC 410-825D
    WIDEBAND SLIDER HQ470/40 495LP 500LP KSC 410-831WD
    NARROWBAND SLIDER HQ470/40 495LP HQ525/50BP KSC 410-831ND
    FM143 D480/30 505DCLP E570LP KSC 410-832D
    EGFP HQ480/40 Q505LP HQ510LP KSC 410-833D
    DSRED/RFP HQ545/25 Q565LP HQ605/70 KSC 410-834D
    Q. MUSTARD D425/40 460DCLP D540/50M KSC 410-839D
    CY3 WIDEBAND HQ535/50 Q565LP HQ610/75 KSC 410-845D
    CY3 NARROWBAND HQ545/30 Q570LP HQ610/75 KSC 410-846D
    RHODAMINE REDDER D545/30 Q570LP HQ620/60 KSC 410-847D
    FLUOR GOLD CUBE D360/40 400DVLP E515LP KSC 410-848D
    CFP/ YFP DUAL 51017X 51017BS 51017M KSC 410-849D
    GFP/ RFP DUAL CUBE 51019X 51019BS 51017M KSC 410-851D
    YFP CUBE HQ500/20 Q515LP HQ520LP KSC 410-852D
    UV D360/40 400LP 420LP KSC 410-858D
    WIDE GREEN CUBE D535/50 565LP D590LP KSC 410-859D
    AM CYAN 1 HQ440/40 Q470LP HQ500/40 KSC 410-861D
    ZS GREEN 1 HQ470/30 Q495LP HQ520/40 KSC 410-862D
    ZS YELLOW 1 HQ500/35 Q525LP HQ550/40 KSC 410-863D
    AS RED 2 HQ540/40 Q570LP HQ620/60 KSC 410-864D
    DS RED 2 HQ540/40X Q570LP HQ600/50M KSC 410-865D
    M CHERRY HQ575/50X Q610LP HQ640/50M KSC 410-866D
    M TOMATO HQ545/30X Q570LP HQ610/75M KSC 410-879D
    QDOT E460SPUVV2 475CCXRU D605/40M KSC 410-882D
    EVITAG E400SPUVV2 470DCXRU D680/40M KSC 410-883D
    CFP/YFP/RFP 61008X 61008BS 61008M KSC 410-891D
    DAPI D350/50X 400DCLP D460/50M KSC 410-900D
    FITC HQ480/40X Q505LP HQ535/50M KSC 410-901D
    TEXAS RED HQ650/55X Q595LP HQ645/75M KSC 410-902D