BioPrecision 2 Motorized Upright Microscope Stages

BioPrecision 2 Motorized Upright Microscope Stages
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BioPrecision 2 Motorized Stages for Upright Microscopes

BioPrecision 2 Motorized Stages for Upright Microscopes from Ludl

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BioPrecision stages are designed for the highest performance possible. Design features include precision recirculating ball leadscrews, high resolution linear or rotary encoders, precision ground crossed roller guide bearings and adjustable limits. Each stage is carefully assembled by experienced technicians with careful measurements taken at each step to ensure that the stage performs to expectations.

The quality extends itself to the appearance of the stage also. All aluminum components are anodized to military specifications. In addition, the stag s are assembled using stainless steel hardware. This means that over years of exposure and laboratory use the stage will continue to maintain its performance and appearance.

Adaptability is also a hallmark of the BioPrecision stages. The adjustable end limits allow the working envelope to be tailored for each application and to ensure clearance for different microscope configurations. The exchangeable insert adds the ability to use different specimen holders for different applications. Whenever your requirements change, the BioPrecision stage will fill the need.

• Low Profile
• High Performance
• Precision Ballscrew
• Crossed Roller Bearings
• Adjustable Limits
• Linear Encoder
• Embedded Digital ID

BioPrecsion2 Stages can be customized with encoder options and specimen holders. Linear encoders enhance the performance of the stage by providing direct feedback of stage position. LEP offers two resolutions of linear encoders: 0.1μm and 0.05μm. For most requirements 0.1μm resolution provides superior performance offering repeatability of 0.25μm (approximately +/- 1 encoder count). For specialized applications the 0.05μm (50nm) encoder resolution adds additional performance.

A full range of specimen holders is available for the BioPrecision2 stages. Common stage inserts include glass slide holders for 1”x3”
and 2”x3” slides as well as holders for other types of specimens. LEP also offers custom inserts for unique applications. The BioPrecision2 Upright Stage family includes extended travel stages. For applications that require larger or multiples of specimens to be mounted to the stage, the BioPrecision2ex Stages are available in 6”x4” and 10”x4” versions.

Dimensions and Diagram for BioPrecision 2 Upright Stages from Ludl
Base Model Number
Travel Range
Max Speed
Stage performance can vary greatly depending upon physical and environmental factors such as specimen mass, temperature variation and the stability of the microscope. Consult an LEP applications specialist to assess the stage performance for your application.

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