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BioPrecision 2  Motorized  Inverted Microscope Stages
    BioPrecision 2  Motorized  Inverted Microscope Stages
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    • BioPrecision 2 Motorized Inverted Microscope Stages

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    BioPrecision 2 Motorized Inverted Microscope Stages

    BioPrecision 2 Stages for Inverted Microscopes from Ludl

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    For inverted microscope applications the BioPrecision2 stages feature lightweight, efficient design without sacrificing precision and performance. Fitting stages for inverted microscopes is particularly challenging due to unique characteristics of each microscope and the wide range of applications. LEP offers two different BioPrecision2 stages for inverted microscopes. The Standard Inverted BioPrecision2 Stages are carefully designed to provide the highest performance in the most compact envelope. For applications that require unobstructed accessibility to the top of the stage the Flat-Top Stage features an open top plate. Each LEP BioPrecision2 stage is specifically designed for compatibility with the microscope.

    The BioPrecision2 stages represent the state of the art for microscope positioning. The design is the product of more than 20 years experience with precision positioning for microscopy. Proprietary features make the stage lighter and more precise while maintaining focus on ergonomics and microscope compatibility. The BioPrecision2 technology features a stepper motor driven precision ballscrew providing a minimum step resolution of 50nm. Speed performance is not compromised with high resolution. Maximum speed in the standard configuration is 60mm/sec. All BioPrecision2 stages utilize corrosion resistant stainless steel hardware, precision ground crossed roller bearings and low detent stepper motors with CNC machined aircraft grade aluminum parts anodized to strict military specifications.

    “When you’re working with nanometers, every detail is important!”
    Linear encoders provide the highest stability and accuracy for demanding applications. Applications such as extended time-lapse, image tiling and distance measurement yield the best results when linear encoders provide the position feedback. The BioPrecision2ex linear encoder option is embedded into the stage rather than simply mounted as an afterthought to provide high precision performance without adversely affecting microscope compatibility. Rotary encoders add increased reliability and positioning repeatability. The BioPrecision2ex rotary encoder mounts directly to the leadscrew shaft effectively eliminating motor hysteresis and stepping errors. While the overall stage accuracy is still very dependent upon the precision leadscrew, the rotary encoder improves sub-micron repeatability and accuracy in addition to adding robustness by eliminating the chance of unexpected position loss or motor stalling.
    The BioPrecision2 Inverted Stages can become the workhorse of the lab. LEP offers specimen holders for almost any type of specimen. From standard 1”x3” glass slide to petri dishes of all size holders are available. Nonstandard specimens are also supported with custom designs. The inverted stages can also be fitted with a piezo focusing insert for high performance applications.
    Stage Layout :
    Position Feedback Option
    Resolution (minimum)
    Leadscrew Pitch
    Max. Speed (mm/sec)
    Straightness /Flatness
    Standard Open loop
    60 mm/sec
    -RE Rotary Encoder
    -LE Linear Encoder
    -LE2 High Res. Linear Encoder
    30 mm/sec

    Stage performance can vary greatly depending upon physical and environmental factors such as specimen mass, temperature variation and the stability of the microscope. Consult an LEP applications specialist to assess the stage performance for your application.

    Ordering Information:
    BioPrecision2 Inverted Stages are microscope specific. Each stage is specified with a unique catalog number. Use the chart to determine the correct stage for your microscope.
    Ordering Information

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