BioPoint 2 Motorized Stages for Upright and Inverted Microscopes

BioPoint 2 Motorized Stages for Upright and Inverted Microscopes
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BioPoint 2 Motorized Stages for Upright and Inverted Microscopes

BioPoint 2 Motorized Stages for Upright and Inverted Microscopes from Ludl

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The BioPoint 2 is the second generation value priced automation solution from Ludl Electronic Products. Specifically designed for productivity enhancement, the stage system is carefully designed to provide high performance for routine applications at a reasonable cost. Unique design features that were specifically developed for the BioPoint 2 stage improve the repeatability, resolution and ease of use. The BioPoint 2 stage features a Teflon coated lead screw with a proprietary drive nut for long life, reduced hysterisis and higher repeatability. In utilizing the Teflon coated lead screw, maintenance is virtually eliminated.

  • Leadscrew Drive
  • High Resolution Stepper Motor
  • Universal Microscope Mount
  • Ergonomic Design

The hard-anodized finish on the stage resists wear from daily use and is resistant to discoloration from chemicals or harsh environments. The BioPoint 2 systems are based on the popular MAC 5000 controller system. The MAC 5000 controller provides enhanced modularity and flexibility for the addition of accessories such as programmable focus drives and filter wheels. The ease of use, integration and expandability make the BioPoint 2 system a high value automation system and an intelligent choice for microscope automation.

BioPoint 2 Motorized Stage for Upright Microscopes

The BioPoint 2 upright stage provides smooth, reliable positioning without interfering with conventional microscope operation. The design of the stage allows full access for specimen placement; microscope controls and adjustments are also easily accessible. The very low profile of the stage eliminates interference with microscope objective lenses; even the large diameter, short working distance, with high numerical apertures.

The universal mounting system mounts the stage to nearly any commonly available microscope. The exchangeable mounting ring provides the correct mounting and clearance to ensure that the condenser can be properly focused and adjusted.

BioPoint 2 Motorized Stage for Inverted Microscopes

The BioPoint 2 stage for inverted microscopes features the most compact arrangement of the drive leadscrews of any stage. The X-axis drive is very low profile and designed to eliminate interference from both the underside of the stage and the top side. In addition, the unique design offers totally unobstructed access to the specimen holders.

The BioPoint 2 inverted stage is designed to accept standard LEP inverted stage specimen holders. The standard holders are available for slides, petri dishes, multi-well plates, and flasks. Custom designed holders can be easily accommodated.

Linear encoders provide the highest stability and accuracy for demanding applications. Applications such as extended time-lapse, image tiling and distance measurement yield the best results when linear encoders provide the position feedback. The BioPrecision2ex linear encoder option is embedded into the stage rather than simply mounted as an afterthought to provide high precision performance without adversely affecting microscope compatibility. Rotary encoders add increased reliability and positioning repeatability. The BioPrecision2ex rotary encoder mounts directly to the leadscrew shaft effectively eliminating motor hysteresis and stepping errors. While the overall stage accuracy is still very dependent upon the precision leadscrew, the rotary encoder improves sub-micron repeatability and accuracy in addition to adding robustness by eliminating the chance of unexpected position loss or motor stalling.
Upright Stage
Inverted Stage
Travel Range
75mm x 50mm
120mm x 100mm
Step Resolution
Position Repeatability
Motor Type
0.9 degree stepper
Maximum Speed
1.96 kg
2.10 kg
* when used with LEP MAC 5000 Controller System
Ordering Information:
995054 MAC 5000 BioPoint stage controller. Includes system power supply, RS-232/USB interface, XY motor driver module, XY digipot joystick, interface cable and linecord.
99S201 BioPoint 2 stage for upright microscopes. Includes XY stage, specimen holder for 1”x2” and 2”x3” slides, connection cable and microscope specific mounting ring.
99S209 BioPoint 2 stage for inverted microscopes. Includes XY stage, connection cable and microscope specific mounting kit. Requires specimen holder.
* please specify exact microscope make and model when ordering

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