BA310 POL Trinocular

BA310 POL Trinocular
Code: BA310-pol-trinocular
Vendor: Motic

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Dedicated Polarizing Microscope with Infinity Optics.

The Motic BA310Pol polarizing microscope is part of the BA series comprising a range of models with outstanding system simplicity and optical performance for Life Science, Geology, Material Science & Forensics.

To meet increasing demands for a dedicated, professional polarizing microscope, the BA310Pol features strain-free CCIS optics built-up around a sturdy frame with centerable objectives.

  • 30 inclined Trinocular head for comfortable viewing while seated (light split 100:0/0:100)
  • Interpupillary distance adjustment between 55-75mm
  • Widefield high eyepoint, N-WF10X/20mm, diopter adjustment on both eyepieces, rubber eyecup (paired), cross hair on one eyepiece
  • Intermediate tube with rotatable analyzer 360 and Bertrand lens, focusable
  • Quartz wedge, full λ and 1/4λ retardation plates
  • Reversed quadruple nosepiece with click stops for precise magnification changes, individually centrable with one reference position
  • CCIS EC Plan Strain-free objectives EC PL 4X/0.10, 10X/0.25, 40X/0.65-Spring, 60X/0.80-Spring
  • Coaxial coarse and fine focusing system with 2 micron minimum increment with tension adjustment
  • Vertical travel range 20mm
  • 360 circular rotating stage with a diameter of 160mm, lockable position
  • Focusable and centrable Achromat swing-out condenser N.A. 0.90/0.13, Strain-free
  • Rotatable polarizer, fixed on condenser carrier
  • Collector lens assembly with screw-on filter holder
  • Koehler illumination quartz halogen 6V/30W with intensity control