012-63000 X-Cite 120 Replacement Lamp

012-63000 X-Cite 120 Replacement Lamp
Code: 012-63000
SKU: 012-63000
Vendor: Excelitas
Weight: 1.00 lbs
MSRP: $625.00
Price: $593.75



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Product Details

X-Cite® 120 Replacement Lamp

Model Number 012-63000

The powerful 120W lamp used in the X-Cite® 120Q Series provides excitation intensity comparable to, or better than, conventional mercury arc lamps, with an added benefit of a broader spectrum being able to excite more fluorophores. The lamps have a guaranteed life of 2000 hours.

This lamp can be used in all X-Cite 120, X-Cite120XL and X-Cite 120Q Series illuminators. 

Features Benefits
Pre-aligned lamp Easy lamp replacement; no alignment required
2000 hour lamp life, guaranteed* Fewer lamp replacements saves time and money
Powerful mercury based lamp Rich spectrum with high excitation intensity
Intelli-Lamp® technology Maintains optimum lamp temperature, automatically accumulates lamp hours