The Universal and high performance centrifuges are great for your higher need projects.

Hermle Z366 Medium Capacity Centrifuge

With high capacity (6x250ml) and high speed (29,068 xg), The Z366 model is the ideal ambient centrifuge for any lab. ...more here

MSRP: $5,686.96 Price: $5,118.26

Code:hermle-c0366 SKU:Z366

Hermle Z306 Universal Centrifuge

The small universal laboratory centrifuge offers a wide range of applications, which covers clinical laboratory requirem ...more here

MSRP: $3,517.65 Price: $3,165.89

Code:hermle-z306 SKU:Z306

Hermle Z 446 High Volume Universal Centrifuge

MSRP: $6,845.25 Price: $6,160.73

Code:hermle-z-446 SKU:Z446

Hermle Z 446K High Volume Universal Refrigerated Centrifuge

MSRP: $9,987.60 Price: $8,988.84

Code:hermle-z446K SKU:Z446-K

Hermle Z326 Hi-Speed Centrifuge

MSRP: $5,171.33 Price: $4,654.20

Code:hermle-z326 SKU:Z326