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SNARF Filter Set 79010
    SNARF Filter Set 79010
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    • SNARF Filter Set 79010

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    This series of filter sets is designed for use with various Indicator Dyes which exhibit multiple absorption or emission peaks to facilitate ratiometric imaging. This allows for the detection and quantification of ratiometric signal intensities, which may indicate changes in the concentration of ion(s) of interest, changes in pH or changes in membrane potential. Sets with multiple excitation filters require the use of a filter wheel to alternate between the various excitation wavelengths. Sets with multiple emission filters require the use of either emission filter wheels or image-splitters.


    This filter set is intended for dual-emission ratiometric measurements of the SNARF family of pH indicators when excited with light in the 540-560nm wavelength range.

    Typical Application(s): Widefield Microscopy

    Microscopes: Filter cube mounting options are available when adding to cart.