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LNP95 Cooling Option
    LNP95 Cooling Option
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    • LNP95 Cooling Option

      Product Code: link-lnp95
      Vendor: Linkam
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    The LNP95 cooling system designed by Linkam is a totally unique patented design. The precise control of liquid nitrogen flow enables specific stages to be controlled at linear cooling rates as fast as 100°C/min or as slow as 0.01°C/min. The LNP95 has two proprietary pumps inside that are automatically controlled by the T95 controller. A cooling system consists of the control unit housing the pumps and a 2 Litre Dewar. The LNP95 can be added as an option to specific Linkam systems to allow cooling right down to -196°C.


    • Data Entry by LinkPad Touch Screen TFT Display 320x240 pixels or Linksys 32 Software (PC only)

    • Connectivity through RS232 or USB  (Downloadable firmware updates)

    • Programmable O/P 2 Open Drain

    • Programmable I/P 1-10V tolerant 10K i/p impedence

    • T Measurement   1/10din standard Pt100 platinum sensor 0.01C resolution

    • 2 x PT100 sensor channels

    • 2 Thermocouple channels per board

    • Data sampling rate 20/s

    • Maximum Heating rates 200C/min

    • Temperature range -196 to 1500C

    • Vacuum pressure range 1x10-4  to 1268 mBar

    • Tensile Force Resolution 0.001N

    • Stepper Motor programmable control to 1A, 24bit digital encoder

    • Video Text Overlay 13 rows of 32 Alphanumeric characters (PAL/NTSC)