Dry-Keeper Desiccator Non-Electric 25x25x25CM

Dry-Keeper Desiccator Non-Electric 25x25x25CM
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SKU: H420530001
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The door is sealed closed with a roll latch. When the downward pivoting door is opened, it stores in a space underneath the cabinet. The door opening is 23 x 20cm (9 x 8"); inside depth is 23cm (9"). A small tray that fits under the bottom shelf holds the desiccant. Per each
Transparent polystyrene cabinet with smoke tinting to help protect light sensitive contents

Up to five units can be stacked to reduce crowding on the bench top
Two perforated shelves can be adjusted to four different locations
Non-electric, non-vacuum

Lenght x Depth x Height:25 x 25 x 25cm (10 x 10 x 10")

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