Schott MLS 6000K LED Fiber Optic Illuminator A20400/6000

Schott MLS 6000K LED Fiber Optic Illuminator A20400/6000
Code: A20400-6000
SKU: A20400/6000
Vendor: Schott
Weight: 15.00 lbs
MSRP: $598.00
Price: $538.20

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Product Details

The MLS Microscopy LED Light Source is a unique, environmentally friendly lighting solution designed for microscopy and static machine vision applications.
  • Long-life of LED light engine
  • Fan-less, vibration free operation
  • Fits all COLDVision light guides
  • Stable light output with minimal variation in color temperature
  • Low power consumption (~18 watts)
  • Small footprint and world-wide, universally compatible power supply
    with interchangeable plugs
  • Optional light On/Off control via handheld remote or footswitch. Handheld remote also controls light output intensity.
  • Mounting Options (sold separately):
    - Pedestal Mount
    - Post Mounts
  • Temperature monitoring for protection of the LED light engine
  • RoHS Compliant & CE Approved.
    ESD outlet connection.