Labnet VX-200 Lab Vortexer Vortex Mixer Model # S0200

MSRP: $210.00 Price: $162.00

Code:LNVX200 SKU:S0200

Labnet GyroTwister™ Adjustable 3-D Laboratory Shaker Model # S1000-A-B

MSRP: $1,220.28 Price: $1,037.23

Code:labnet-s1000-a-b SKU:S1000-A-B

Labnet Nutating GyroMini 3D Platform Mixer Model # S0500

MSRP: $350.00 Price: $297.50

Code:labnet--s0500 SKU:S-0500

Labnet ENDURO™ MiniMix™ Nutating Platform Mixer Model # S0600

MSRP: $350.00 Price: $297.50

Code:labnet-s0600 SKU:S0600

Labnet Orbit™ LS Low Speed Laboratory Shaker Model # S2030-LS-B

MSRP: $875.71 Price: $744.35

Code:labnet-s2030-ls-b SKU:S2030-LS-B

Labnet Orbit™ 1900 High Capacity Lab Shaker (without Platform) Model # S2040-1900

MSRP: $2,281.39 Price: $1,939.18

Code:Labnet-s2040-1900 SKU:S2040-1900

Labnet Orbit™ 1000 Multipurpose Digital Shaker (without Platform) Model # S2030-1000-B

MSRP: $1,059.00 Price: $900.15

Code:labnet-s-2030-1000b SKU:S-2030-1000-B

Labnet Revolver Tube Mixer w/rotisserie fo 36 x 1.5/2.0ml tubes Model # H5600

MSRP: $325.00 Price: $276.25

Code:labnet-H5600 SKU:H5600

Labnet Mini LabRoller Rotator with Rotisserie for 36 x 1.5/2.0ml Tubes Model # H5500

MSRP: $408.55 Price: $347.26

Code:labnet-h5500 SKU:H5500

Labnet Compact LabRoller Rotator (order carousel separately) Model # H5100

MSRP: $866.07 Price: $736.15

Code:labnet-h5100 SKU:H5100

Labnet Spectrafuge Mini Laboratory Centrifuge Model # C1301

Requiring less than six inches of bench space, the Spectrafuge Mini is supplied with rotors and adapters to accommodate ...more here

MSRP: $244.00 Price: $207.40

Code:LNC1301 SKU:C1301

Labnet Z100-A Clinical Lab Centrifuge Model # C0100-A

The economical Z100A, a small lab centrifuge, features a 6 x 15 mL fixed angle rotor. The variable speed unit runs to 4, ...more here

MSRP: $465.35 Price: $396.00

Code:labnet-c0100-a SKU:C0100-A

Labnet Spectrafuge 6C Compact Research Centrifuge Model # C0060

The Spectrafuge 6C has been designed for quick production of PPP (platelet poor plasma) and PRP (platelet rich plasma) a ...more here

MSRP: $968.50 Price: $823.00

Code:labnet-spectrafuge-6c SKU:C0060

Labnet PRISM-R Refrigerated Microcentrifuge Model # C2500R

The new Labnet Prism R is quickly becoming the benchmark in the refrigerated microcentrifuge category. In spite of its r ...more here

MSRP: $5,144.85 Price: $4,373.12

Code:labnet-prism-r SKU:C2500-R

Labnet Spectrafuge 24D Microcentrifuge Model # C2400

The newest member of the Spectrafuge family, the 24D, features precise digital microprocessor control. This centrifuge i ...more here

MSRP: $1,816.15 Price: $1,501.00

Code:labnet-c2400 SKU:C2400

Labpette FX Fixed Volume Laboratory Pipettes

MSRP: $99.00 Price: $89.10

Code:labnet-fx SKU:P3900

Labpette R Repeating Laboratory Pipette

MSRP: $307.46 Price: $204.98

Code:labnet-labpette-r SKU:P3000

Labnet Spectrafuge 16M Centrifuge Model # C0160

MSRP: $1,253.44 Price: $1,055.42

Code:labnet-c0160 SKU:C0160

Labnet 311DS Shaking Incubator

The 311DS is a high performance incubator with a built-in orbital shaker. A broad temperature range expands the use of t ...more here

Code:labnet-311ds SKU:I5311-DS

6 Liter Water Bath

Code:labnet-w-1106 SKU:W-1106

Krystal Plates


Labnet PRISM Air-Cooled Microcentrifuge Model # C2500

Price: $1,543.73

Code:labnet-c2500 SKU:C2500

Multigene Optimax Thermal Cycler

The new MultiGene™ OptiMax Gradient thermal cycler and brings new speed and advanced features to our Labnet Thermal Cycl ...more here

Code:multigene-optimax-thermal-cycler-TC9610 SKU:TC9610

FastPette Pro Pipette Controller

MSRP: $374.54 Price: $318.36

Code:labnet-fastpette-pro SKU:P2002

MultiGene Mini Personal Thermal Cycler with 24 x 0.2 ml tube block, 120 volts

MultiGene Mini is a compact and lightweight thermal cycler, but do not let its small size fool you. This cycler is packe ...more here

Code:mutigene-mini-thermal-cycler-tc020-24 SKU:TC020-24

Labnet Prism Mini Centrifuge Model # C1801

Reliable and easy-to-use, the Prism™ Mini Centrifuge is compact and economical, allowing each workstation to be equipped ...more here

MSRP: $256.00 Price: $191.00

Code:c1801-labnet-prism-mini SKU:C1801

Labnet Mini PCR Plate Spinner Centrifuge Model # MPS 1000

Labnet International's mini plate spinner centrifuge, the MPS 1000 Mini PCR Plate Spinner is an excellent option for tho ...more here

MSRP: $558.00 Price: $393.94

Code:labnet-mps1000 SKU:C1000

Slide Spinner

Labnet's new Slide Spinner centrifuge dries 2 microarray slides within a 10 seconds. ...more here

Code:labnet-slide-spinner SKU:C1303-T

Labnet AccuBlock™ Single block digital dry bath Model # D1100

MSRP: $391.27 Price: $310.84

Code:labnet-d1100 SKU:D1100

AccuTherm? Microtube Shaking Incubator

Code:labnet-accutherm SKU:

222DS Benchtop Shaking Incubator

Code:labnet-222DS SKU:I-5222-DS

VorTemp? 1550 Shaking Incubator

Code:labnet-vortemp-1550 SKU:S2050A

Labnet VorTemp™ 56 Shaking Incubator for Microtubes and Microplates Model # S2056A

MSRP: $2,275.43 Price: $1,934.11

Code:labnet-s2056a SKU:S2056A

Deluxe ProBlot? Hybridization Systems

Code:labnet-deluxe-problot SKU:H1200-SA

Labnet BioPette Plus Four Pack Starter Kit

MSRP: $818.40 Price: $506.60

Code:labnet-biopette-plus-four-pack SKU:P3942-SK4

BioPette Plus Autoclavable 8 channel Pipettes

MSRP: $587.42 Price: $528.67

Code:labnet-biopette-plus-auto-multi SKU:P4810

BioPette Plus Autoclavable Pipettes

Code:labnet-biopette-plus-auto-pipettes SKU:P3942

FastPette V2 Pipette Controllers

MSRP: $291.31 Price: $262.17

Code:labnet-v2-pipette-controllers SKU:P2000

Labnet 311D Incubator Model # I5113D

MSRP: $1,927.00 Price: $1,734.30

Code:labnet-311D SKU:I5113D

Labnet 611D Incubator Model # I5611D

MSRP: $3,048.70 Price: $2,743.83

Code:labnet-611d SKU:I5611D

Labnet Microbiology and Hematology Incubator Model # I5110A

MSRP: $437.86 Price: $402.30

Code:labnet-mini-microbiology SKU:I5110A

Labnet GDS Touch Gel Documentation System

Code:labnet-enduro-gds SKU:

Enduro GDS Gel Documentation System

Code:labnet-enduro-gds-gel SKU:GDS-1302

Spectrafuge Mini Laboratory Centrifuge

Code:labnet-spectrafuge-mini SKU:C1301

Labnet ENDURO? 20.20 Horizontal Gel Box

Code:labnet-enduro-20-20 SKU:e1020-20

Labnet ENDURO? 15.15 Horizontal Gel Box

Code:labnet-enduro15-15 SKU:E1015-15

Labnet ENDURO? 15.10 Horizontal Gel Box

Code:labnet-enduro15-10 SKU:E1015-10

Labnet ENDURO? 10.10 Horizontal Gel Box

Code:labnet-enduro10-10 SKU:e1010-10

Labnet ENDURO? 7.10 Horizontal Gel Box

Code:labnet-enduro-7-10 SKU:E1007-10

Labnet ENDURO? 7.7 Horizontal Gel Box

Code:labnet-enduro-7-7 SKU:E1007-7

Hermle Z216 MK High Capacity Refrigerated Microcentrifuge

The Z216MK High Capacity Refrigerated Microcentrifuge sets a new standard in the refrigerated microcentrifuge category. ...more here

MSRP: $5,459.34 Price: $4,913.41

Code:labnet-c0216-mk SKU:Z216-MK

Labnet Pro 30 Laboratory Reciprocal Shaker Model # S2030-RC-B

MSRP: $843.60 Price: $717.06

Code:labnet-s2030-rc-b SKU:S2030-RC-B

Labnet GyroTwister™ 3-D Laboratory Shaker Model # S1000-B

MSRP: $1,008.80 Price: $857.48

Code:labnet-s1000-b SKU:S1000-B

Labnet LabRoller Rotator (order rotisserie separately) Model # H5000

MSRP: $956.05 Price: $812.64

Code:labnet-h5000 SKU:H5000

Labnet Orbit™ 300 Multipurpose Digital Vortexer, (without platform) Model # S2030-300-B

MSRP: $1,114.18 Price: $947.05

Code:labnet-s2030-300-b SKU:S2030-300-B

Labnet Orbit™ M60 Digital Shaker with Platform for 60 microtubes Model # S2020-M60-B

MSRP: $867.00 Price: $763.44

Code:labnet-s2020-m60-b SKU:S2020-M60-B

Labnet Orbit™ P2 Digital Shaker with Platform for 2 Microplates Model # S2020-P2-B

MSRP: $825.00 Price: $701.25

Code:labnet-s2020-p2-b SKU:S2020-P2-B

Labnet Orbit™ P4 Digital Shaker with Platform for 4 Microplates Model # S2020-P4-B

MSRP: $887.00 Price: $753.95

Code:labnet-s2020-p4-b SKU:S2020-P4-B

Labnet ProBlot™ Rocker 25 with double platform (28.9 x 20.3cm) Model # S2025-D-B

MSRP: $765.00 Price: $650.25

Code:labnet-s2025-d-b SKU:S2025-D-B

Labnet ProBlot™ Rocker 25XL w/double platform (30 x 30cm) Model # S2025-XLD-B

MSRP: $849.76 Price: $722.30

Code:labnet-s2025-xld-b SKU:S2025-XLD-B

Labnet ProBlot™ 35 Deluxe Rocker with double Platform Model # S2035-D

MSRP: $949.70 Price: $807.25

Code:labnet-s2035-d SKU:S2035-D

Labnet AccuBlock™ Dual Block Digital Dry Bath Model #D1200

MSRP: $494.21 Price: $310.84

Code:labnet-d1200 SKU:D1200

Labnet AccuPlate™ Analog Hot Plate Stirrer Model # D0320

MSRP: $308.05 Price: $200.00

Code:labnet-d0320 SKU:D0320

Labnet AccuPlate™ Analog Hot Plate Model # D0300

MSRP: $206.04 Price: $121.56

Code:labnet-d0300 SKU:D0300

Labnet AccuPlate™ Digital MagneticStirrer Model # D0410

MSRP: $314.31 Price: $267.00

Code:labnet-d0410 SKU:D0410