We have a wide variety of water purification systems to fit your laboratory needs.


Code:A74415LSKT SKU:

LabStrong 8 Liter Carboy

Code:A1052LS SKU:A1052LS

40 Liter Storage Tank (For Fi-Streem 4, 8, and 4 Bi-Distiller LPH)

MSRP: $1,095.00 Price: $940.00

Code:B00121 SKU:B00121

Sealing Lid (For 20 Liter Carboys)

Code:MC-008 SKU:MC-008

20 Liter Storage/Transfer Carboy

Code:B00124 SKU:B00124

Distribution Accessory Kit (For B00121)

Code:AY0012-3 SKU:AY0012-3

Wall Mount Kit

Code:AY0017-1 SKU:AY0017-1

Dual Holder (Pressure Feed Assembly)

Code:AY0017-2 SKU:AY0017-2

Leak Detector Kit

Code:AY0017-4 SKU:AY0017-4

Pretreatment Cartridge Wall Mounting Kit

Code:AY0012-2 SKU:AY0012-2


Code:AY0012-1 SKU:

Plastic Element Union

Code:06731LS SKU:06731LS

Rubber Gasket

Code:07551LS SKU:07551LS

Ptfe Disc

MSRP: $2.00 Price: $1.90

Code:07552LS SKU:07552LS

Electric Blanking Plug

MSRP: $55.00 Price: $52.62

Code:562X14LS SKU:562X14LS

Printed Circuit Board (240V Models)

Code:562X15LS SKU:562X15LS

Secondary Board (4BD and 8 L Only)

Code:562X16LS SKU:562X16LS

Fuse 630mA, Anti-Surge

MSRP: $19.00 Price: $17.00

Code:562X17LS SKU:562X17LS

Fuse 100mA, Anti-Surge

Code:562X18LS SKU:562X18LS

Heater Relay

MSRP: $111.00 Price: $103.40

Code:562X20LS SKU:562X20LS

Heating Element, 240V, 1.5kW

MSRP: $660.00 Price: $556.10

Code:562X23LS SKU:562X23LS

Heater Sheath Only (Includes Fittings)

MSRP: $206.00 Price: $171.83

Code:562X24LS SKU:562X24LS


MSRP: $998.00 Price: $816.95

Code:562X2LS SKU:562X2LS

Element Tube Closure

MSRP: $42.00 Price: $39.95

Code:562X30LS SKU:562X30LS

Wall Mounting Bracket, 4 Liter and Deionizer

MSRP: $74.00 Price: $69.37

Code:562X31LS SKU:562X31LS

Wall Mounting Bracket, 4BD and 8 Liter

MSRP: $78.00 Price: $73.66

Code:562X32LS SKU:562X32LS

Drain Clamp (4BD Only)

MSRP: $22.00 Price: $20.95

Code:562X38LS SKU:562X38LS

Angled Hose Connector

MSRP: $13.00 Price: $11.95

Code:562X40LS SKU:562X40LS

Drain Valve Diaphragm

MSRP: $32.00 Price: $30.20

Code:562X42LS SKU:562X42LS

Drain Valve Seal

MSRP: $16.00 Price: $14.95

Code:562X43LS SKU:562X43LS

Drain Valve Piston

MSRP: $43.00 Price: $37.95

Code:562X44LS SKU:562X44LS

Solenoid Assembly T Piece

MSRP: $21.00 Price: $19.48

Code:562X45LS SKU:562X45LS

Straight Solenoid Assembly Adapter

Code:562X46LS SKU:562X46LS

Distillate Outlet Elbow

MSRP: $44.00 Price: $38.95

Code:562X4LS SKU:562X4LS

Preformed Nylon Pipe Inlet/Solv

Code:562X51LS SKU:562X51LS

Preformed Nylon Pipe Solv/Dump Valve

MSRP: $105.00 Price: $102.61

Code:562X52LS SKU:562X52LS

Distillate/Right CLD Connector (4BD Only)

MSRP: $43.00 Price: $42.07

Code:562X53LS SKU:562X53LS

Solenoid Valve

MSRP: $97.00 Price: $82.95

Code:562X55LS SKU:562X55LS

Distillate Outlet T (8 Liter)

Code:562X5LS SKU:562X5LS

Heating Element, 208V, 1.5kW

MSRP: $660.00 Price: $556.10

Code:562X62LS SKU:562X62LS

Silicone Sleeve, Large, 60mm

Code:562X63LS SKU:562X63LS

Silicone Sleeve, Small, 35mm

MSRP: $22.00 Price: $20.95

Code:562X64LS SKU:562X64LS

Distillate Outlet Seal GL14

MSRP: $27.00 Price: $24.95

Code:562X65LS SKU:562X65LS

Flow Controller

MSRP: $214.00 Price: $196.49

Code:562X66LS SKU:562X66LS

Distille Outlet Cap GL14

MSRP: $14.00 Price: $13.95

Code:562X67LS SKU:562X67LS

Thermistor Assembly

Code:562X6LS SKU:562X6LS

Drain Valve Spring

MSRP: $20.00 Price: $19.95

Code:562X76LS SKU:562X76LS

Silicone Sleeve, Large, 50mm

MSRP: $36.00 Price: $32.00

Code:562X77LS SKU:562X77LS

Drain Valve Assembly

MSRP: $562.00 Price: $457.95

Code:562X78LS SKU:562X78LS

Solenoid Valve, 208V

MSRP: $597.00 Price: $486.95

Code:562X79LS SKU:562X79LS

Thermal Cut Out Assembly

MSRP: $116.00 Price: $90.00

Code:562X7LS SKU:562X7LS

Printed Circuit Board (208V Models)

Code:562X80LS SKU:562X80LS

Stem Adapter (For 562X45LS)

MSRP: $14.00 Price: $13.00

Code:562X85LS SKU:562X85LS

Adapter Straight 1/4 10mm Pipe Fitting

MSRP: $19.00 Price: $18.00

Code:562X86LS SKU:562X86LS

Reservoir Float Switch

MSRP: $474.00 Price: $384.95

Code:562X8LS SKU:562X8LS

Solenoid Valve 240V

MSRP: $597.00 Price: $553.40

Code:562X9LS SKU:562X9LS

Foam Washer

MSRP: $4.00 Price: $3.16

Code:FW0012-1 SKU:FW0012-1

PVC Tube Yellow 2 Foot Piece

MSRP: $16.00 Price: $15.00

Code:TU0012-1 SKU:TU0012-1

Reinforced Pressure Tubing 2 Foot Piece

MSRP: $11.00 Price: $10.32

Code:TU0012-10 SKU:TU0012-10

Reinforced Pressure Tubing 4 Foot Piece

MSRP: $21.00 Price: $20.43

Code:TU0012-11 SKU:TU0012-11

Reinforced Pressure Tubing 6 Foot Piece

MSRP: $31.00 Price: $30.59

Code:TU0012-12 SKU:TU0012-12

Silicone Rubber Tube Distillate 2 Foot Piece

MSRP: $11.00 Price: $10.00

Code:TU0012-13 SKU:TU0012-13

Silicone Rubber Tube Distillate 4 Foot Piece

Code:TU0012-14 SKU:TU0012-14

Silicone Rubber Tube Distillate 6 Foot Piece

MSRP: $31.00 Price: $30.28

Code:TU0012-15 SKU:TU0012-15

PVC Tube Yellow 4 Foot Piece

Code:TU0012-2 SKU:TU0012-2

PVC Tube Yellow 6 Foot Piece

Code:TU0012-3 SKU:TU0012-3

PVC Tube Blue 2 Foot Piece

Code:TU0012-4 SKU:TU0012-4

PVC Tube Blue 4 Foot Piece

Code:TU0012-5 SKU:TU0012-5

PVC Tube Blue 6 Foot Piece

Code:TU0012-6 SKU:TU0012-6

Silicone Rubber Tube Internal 2 Foot Piece

MSRP: $13.00 Price: $12.08

Code:TU0012-7 SKU:TU0012-7

Silicone Rubber Tube Internal 4 Foot Piece

MSRP: $25.00 Price: $24.00

Code:TU0012-8 SKU:TU0012-8

Feed Tube Solenoid/Condenser

Code:TU-003 SKU:TU-003

Reinforced Pressure Tubing 10 Meter Piece

MSRP: $163.00 Price: $136.95


PVC Tube Blue 10 Meter Piece

MSRP: $256.00 Price: $246.00


PVC Tube Yellow 10 Meter Piece


Bulk Head Fitting

Code:PM-009 SKU:PM-009

Door Assembly 4 Liter Per Hour Still

Code:857X21LS SKU:857X21LS

Fuse Carrier

Code:857X10LS SKU:857X10LS

Printed Circuit Board

Code:857X11LS SKU:857X11LS

Relay Power 12V DC

Code:857X12LS SKU:857X12LS

Mains Electrical Cable 4 Liter Only

Code:857X13LS SKU:857X13LS

Stem Elbow T

Code:857X14LS SKU:857X14LS

Self Adhesive Foot

Code:857X17LS SKU:857X17LS

Boiler Clip Cushion

Code:857X18LS SKU:857X18LS

Membrane Control Panel

Code:857X19LS SKU:857X19LS

Low Pressure Flow Restrictor

Code:857X1LS SKU:857X1LS

Door Assembly (8 Liter & 4BD)

Code:857X20LS SKU:857X20LS

Solenoid Valve Drain/Fill, 24V AC

Code:857X22LS SKU:857X22LS

Transformer Torroidal, 50 VA

Code:857X23LS SKU:857X23LS

Flow Controller

Code:857X24LS SKU:857X24LS

Distillate Guide Silicone Rubber

Code:857X25LS SKU:857X25LS

Flow Restrictor

Code:857X2LS SKU:857X2LS

Reservoir Float Switch

Code:857X3LS SKU:857X3LS

Mains Power On Lamp

Code:857X4LS SKU:857X4LS

Solenoid Valve Pretreat, 24V AC

Code:857X5LS SKU:857X5LS

Terminal Block Mains

Code:857X6LS SKU:857X6LS

Fuse 15A, 10 x 38 mm

Code:857X7LS SKU:857X7LS

Fuse 2A, 5 x 20 mm

Code:857X8LS SKU:857X8LS

Fuse 1A, 5 x 20 mm

Code:857X9LS SKU:857X9LS

Instruction Manual, 4 Liter Per Hour Still

Code:LT857X1LS SKU:LT857X1LS

Complete Solenoid Assembly

Code:PM0012-3 SKU:PM0012-3

Black T Piece

Code:PM-012 SKU:PM-012

Foam Pad Support Condenser

Code:MC0012-1 SKU:MC0012-1

Drain Valve Mounting Plate

Code:PT0012-1 SKU:PT0012-1

Tubing Replacement Kit (8 Liter)

Code:TU0012-23 SKU:TU0012-23

Internal Float Switch Cable

Code:WH0012-1 SKU:WH0012-1

Cleaning Funnel

Code:MC0012-2 SKU:MC0012-2

Drain Assembly T Piece

Code:06963LS SKU:06963LS

Reservoir Pressure Switch

Code:07221LS SKU:07221LS

Switch Clear, 240V

Code:07260LS SKU:07260LS

Switch Green, 240V

Code:07261LS SKU:07261LS

Solenoid Valve Tap Feed, 220/240V

Code:07262LS SKU:07262LS

Wall Bracket

Code:BC744X1LS SKU:BC744X1LS

Mains Cable Assembly, 120V 20A

Code:CR744X1LS SKU:CR744X1LS

Mains Cable Assembly, 120V 15A

Code:CR744X2LS SKU:CR744X2LS

Mains Cable Assembly, 220V

Code:CR744X3LS SKU:CR744X3LS

Mains Cable Assembly, 100V

Code:CR744X4LS SKU:CR744X4LS

Acrylic Door Assembly

Code:CV744X1LS SKU:CV744X1LS

Heating Element, 100V 700W

Code:EL744X1LS SKU:EL744X1LS

Heating Element, 120V 700W (15A Stills)

Code:EL744X2LS SKU:EL744X2LS

Heating Element, 120V 900W (20A Stills)

Code:EL744X3LS SKU:EL744X3LS

Heating Element, 220V 900W

Code:EL744X4LS SKU:EL744X4LS

Instruction Manual 2 Liter Still

Code:LT744X1LS SKU:LT744X1LS

Hose Sealing Sleeve

Code:PM-019 SKU:PM-019

Drain Valve

Code:PM744X1LS SKU:PM744X1LS

Solenoid Valve Treated Feed, 220/240V

Code:PM744X2LS SKU:PM744X2LS

Solenoid Valve Treated Feed, 100/120V

Code:PM744X3LS SKU:PM744X3LS

Solenoid Valve Tap Feed, 100/120V

Code:PM744X4LS SKU:PM744X4LS

Drain Stand Pipe

Code:PM744X5LS SKU:PM744X5LS

Terminal Block 6 Way

Code:TR744X1LS SKU:TR744X1LS

Boiler To Drain Tubing

Code:TU-004 SKU:TU-004

Drain Tubing 2 Foot Piece

Code:TU0012-16 SKU:TU0012-16

Drain Tubing 4 Foot Piece

Code:TU0012-17 SKU:TU0012-17

Drain Tubing 6 Foot Piece

Code:TU0012-18 SKU:TU0012-18

Neoprene Tubing 2 Foot Piece

Code:TU0012-19 SKU:TU0012-19

Neoprene Tubing 4 Foot Piece

Code:TU0012-20 SKU:TU0012-20

Neoprene Tubing 6 Foot Piece

Code:TU0012-21 SKU:TU0012-21

Inlet Hose Assembly

Code:TU744X1LS SKU:TU744X1LS

Tubing Replacement Kit

Code:TU744X2LS SKU:TU744X2LS

Drain Tubing 10 Meter Piece


Neoprene Tubing 10 Meter Piece


Heating Element 240V, 1.5kW, 13 Amps

Code:EL0012-4 SKU:EL0012-4

Heating Element 208V, 1.5kW, 15 Amps

Code:EL0012-5 SKU:EL0012-5

Solenoid Valve Tap Feed, 208/240V

Code:PM0012-7 SKU:PM0012-7

Heater 240V, 1.5kW

Code:06278LS SKU:06278LS

High Temperature Cut-Off

Code:06279LS SKU:06279LS


Code:06546LS SKU:06546LS

Glassware Tubing Replacement Kit

Code:06734LS SKU:06734LS

Threaded Cap, Constant Level Device

Code:06956LS SKU:06956LS

Seal, Constant Level Device

Code:06957LS SKU:06957LS

Heating Element, 120V, 1.65kW

Code:06958LS SKU:06958LS

Outer Seal Heating Element

Code:06959LS SKU:06959LS

Threaded Hose Connect, Water Input

Code:06961LS SKU:06961LS

PVT Tubing-Yellow 10 Meter

Code:07255LS SKU:07255LS

Washer T Drain Elbow 32mm

Code:07401LS SKU:07401LS

Washer T Drain Valve (EP-141)

Code:07402LS SKU:07402LS

Heating Element 240V

Code:EL0012-1 SKU:EL0012-1

Heating Element 240V

Code:EL0012-2 SKU:EL0012-2

4 Liter Glass Boiler Flask

Code:GW0012-1 SKU:GW0012-1

Diaphragm Pump

Code:PU1190X1LS SKU:PU1190X1LS

O-Ring Cartridge Gasket


O-Ring Canister Gasket


High Capacity (Two-Bed)

Code:D0803LS SKU:D0803LS

Ultrapure (Mixed-Bed)

Code:D0809LS SKU:D0809LS

Organic Removal (Carbon)

Code:D0813LS SKU:D0813LS

Organic Free

Code:D0820LS SKU:D0820LS

Macropure (Macroreticular/Carbon)

Code:D0836LS SKU:D0836LS

HN (3/8") Dyed High Capacity (Two-Bed)

Code:D8901LS SKU:D8901LS

HN (3/8") Dyed Ultrapure (Mixed-Bed)

Code:D8902LS SKU:D8902LS

HN (3/8") Ultrapure No Dye (Mixed-Bed)

Code:D8911LS SKU:D8911LS

Organic Free

Code:D5021LS SKU:D5021LS

Ultrapure (Mixed-Bed)

Code:D5027LS SKU:D5027LS

E-Pure Cartridge Kit (3 Mod Standard)

Code:D5029LS SKU:D5029LS

Mega-Pure High Purity Cartridge

Code:D400377LS SKU:D400377LS

Mega-Pure High Capacity Cartridge

Code:D400499LS SKU:D400499LS

Sterile 0.2 Micron Final Filter W/Endbell

Code:FL0016-1 SKU:FL0016-1

Encapsulated RO Membrane (TFM)

Code:FL1265X1LS SKU:FL1265X1LS

Air Filter

Code:25001LS SKU:25001LS

LabStrong Fi-Streem 2S Still 1.4 LPH 120V 15A Part # A74415-60LS

MSRP: $4,252.00 Price: $3,726.00

Code:a74415-60ls SKU:A74415-60LS

LabStrong Fi-Streem 2S Still 2 LPH 100V Part # A74414LS

MSRP: $4,252.00 Price: $3,726.00

Code:a74414ls SKU:A74414LS

LabStrong Fi-Streem 2S Still 2 LPH 120V 20A

MSRP: $4,140.00 Price: $3,726.00

Code:a74415ls SKU:A74415LS

LabStrong Fi-Streem 2S Still 2 LPH 220V Part # A74410LS

MSRP: $4,252.00 Price: $3,726.00

Code:a74410ls SKU:A74410LS

LabStrong Fi-Streem 2S Still 4 LPH 208V Part # A74428LS

MSRP: $4,434.00 Price: $3,889.80

Code:a74428ls SKU:A74428LS

LabStrong Fi-Streem 2S Still 4 LPH 240V Part # A74420LS

MSRP: $4,434.00 Price: $3,889.80

Code:a74420ls SKU:A74420LS

LabStrong Fi-Streem III Still 4 LPH 208V Part # A56218-857LS

MSRP: $6,322.00 Price: $5,463.00

Code:a56218-857ls SKU:A56218-857LS

LabStrong Fi-Streem III Still 4 LPH 240V Part # A56210-857LS

MSRP: $6,322.00 Price: $5,463.00

Code:a56210-857ls SKU:A56210-857LS

LabStrong Fi-Streem III Still 4 LPH Bi-Distilled 208V Part # A56238-857LS

MSRP: $8,938.00 Price: $7,816.50

Code:a56238-857ls SKU:A56238-857LS

LabStrong Fi-Streem III Still 4 LPH Bi-Distilled 240V Part # A56230-857LS

MSRP: $8,938.00 Price: $7,816.50

Code:a56230-857is SKU:A56230-857LS

LabStrong Fi-Streem III Still 8 LPH 208V Parts # A56228-857LS

MSRP: $8,826.00 Price: $7,728.30

Code:a56228-857ls SKU:A56228-857LS

LabStrong Fi-Streem III Still 8 LPH 240V Part # A56220-857LS

MSRP: $8,826.00 Price: $7,728.30

Code:a56220-857ls SKU:A56220-857LS