KP-M2RN-S3 Near IR Monochrome Camera

Near IR Monochrome Camera ...more here

Code:kp-m2rn-s3 SKU:KP-M2RN-S3

Hamamsatsu C8484-05G02 Digital Camera

Code:c8484-05g02-kit SKU:C8484-0502-KIT

QImaging MicroPublisher RTV-3.3 Color Camera

The QImaging MicroPublisher with Real-Time Viewing (RTV) delivers unsurpassed interactivity and productivity. ...more here

Code:mp3-3-rtv-r-clr-10 SKU:MP3.3-RTV-R-CLR-10

QImaging MicroPublisher Color RTV-5.0 CCD Camera

MicroPublisher 5.0: 5 Megapixel Color (Bayer-Mosaic) CCD camera system, 10-bit, non-cooled, Real Time Viewing, IR-filter ...more here

Code:qimaging-mp50-rtv-r-clr-10 SKU:MP5.0-RTV-R-CLR-10

QImaging Retiga 4000R Color Camera

4 Megapixel Color (Bayer Mosaic) CCD camera system, large field of view 21.4mm sensor diagonal, 12-bit, non-cooled ...more here

Code:retiga4000r-color SKU:RET-4000R-F-CLR-12

QImaging QICAM Color CCD Camera

1.4 Megapixel Color (Bayer Mosaic) CCD camera system, high resolution 4.65μm pixel pitch, 12-bit, non-cooled ...more here

Code:qimaging-qic-f-clr-12 SKU:QIC-F-CLR-12

KP-DE500 EM CCD Camera

1/2' Format Super High Sensitivity Camera Electron Multiplying CCD ...more here

Code:hitachi-kp-de500 SKU:KP-DE500

Lumenera INFINITY1-5C USB 2.0 Color Microscope Digital Camera

Lumenera's INFINITY 1-5 digital camera is designed to be a cost-effective, versatile solution for documentation and ar ...more here

MSRP: $2,900.00 Price: $2,900.00

Code:lumenera-infinity1-5c SKU:INFINITY1-5C

KP-M2AN Monochrome Camera

1/2" Microlens IT CCD Monochrome Camera ...more here

Code:hitachi-kp-m2an SKU:KP-M2AN

ProgRes C5 Digital Camera

The ProgRes C5 Firewire Digital Microscope Camera provides excellent color reproduction, easy handling and high resoluti ...more here


ProgRes CT3 Digital Camera


CoolSNAP HQ2 Camera

The CoolSNAP HQ2 offers optimal low-light-level sensitivity across the entire visible spectrum — and even into the near- ...more here

Code:coolsnap-hq2 SKU:CSNAP-HQ2-M-FW-14-AC

QImaging QIClick Color CCD Camera

1.4 Megapixel Color (Bayer Mosaic) CCD camera system, high sensitivity 6.45μm pixels, 12-bit, non-cooled ...more here

Code:qimaging-qiclick-r-f-clr-12 SKU:QIClick-R-F-CLR-12

IR-TCM 384 IR Digital Camera

Code:IRTCM384 SKU:

IR-TCM 640 IR Digital Camera

Code:IRTCM640 SKU:

VarioCAM Basic 384 Thermal Imaging Camera


ORCA-Flash2.8 Digital Camera

Compared to standard interline CCD chips (typical ICX285 or ER-150 chip), the ORCA-Flash2.8's FL-280 CMOS chip offers 2X ...more here

Code:C1144010C SKU:

KP-FD30 Color Camera

1/2” CCD Color Progressive/NTSC VGA Camera ...more here

Code:hitachi-kp-fd30 SKU:KP-FD30

KP-FD30CL Color Camera

Code:hitachi-kp-fd30cl SKU:KP-FD30CL

KP-FD30M Color Camera

Code:hitachi-kp-fd30m SKU:KP-FD30

HV-FD201M Digital Camera

Code:HVFD201M SKU:

KP-F145WCL Digital Camera


HV-F202GV Digital Camera

Code:HVF202GV SKU:

QImaging Rolera Thunder EMCCD Camera


QImaging Rolera Bolt Monochrome CMOS Camera

1.3 Megapixel Monochromatic Video Rate CMOS camera system, USB2.0, 12-bit, non-cooled, 30 full frames per second ...more here

Code:rolera-bolt SKU:ROL-BOLT-M-12

HP-D20B Digital Camera


QImaging optiMOS sCMOS Monochrome Camera

Featuring faster frame rates and lower noise, optiMOS was designed as the budget friendly alternative that avoids comple ...more here


QImaging Retiga 6000 Color CCD Camera

6.05 Megapixel Color CCD camera system, large FOV 16mm sensor diagonal, 14-bit, 0C regulated cooling ...more here

Code:retiga6000-color SKU:RET-6000-R-CLR-14-C

QImaging Retiga 3000 Color CCD Camera

Code:qimaging-retiga-3000-r-clr-14-c SKU:RET-3000-R-CLR-14-C


Engineered for moderate to low-light life science applications, this unique cooled CCD enables high spatial resolution a ...more here

Code:coolsnap-myo SKU:CSNAP-MYO-M-USB-14-AC

Evolve Delta EMCCD 512

Code:Evolve-512-Delta SKU:EVO-512-DELTA-M-FW-16-AC

Evolve 128 EMCCD Camera

Photometrics introduces the Evolve™ 128 EMCCD camera. The Evolve 128 delivers the highest frame rates available with ext ...more here

Code:evolve-128 SKU:EVO-128-M-FW-16-AC

QuantEM:512 EMCCD Camera

The QuantEM 512SC is the only scientific camera in the world that offers electron-multiplying (EM) gain with true quanti ...more here

Code:quantem-512sc SKU:QEM-512-M-FW-16-AC

Evolve 512 EMCCD Camera

Code:evolve-512 SKU:EVO-512-M-FW-16-AC

QImaging MicroPublisher RTV 3.3 Color Cooled Camera

The QImaging MicroPublisher with Real-Time Viewing (RTV) delivers unsurpassed interactivity and productivity. ...more here

Code:qimagiing-mp3-3-rtv-r-clr-10-c SKU:MP3.3-RTV-R-CLR-10-C