M24 Hematocrit Centrifuge

The M24 centrifuge is a truly affordable microhematocrit centrifuge.This unit is designed for flexibility and ease of us ...more here

Code:lw-scientific-m24 SKU:HEC-24HF-7501

ZipoCrit Portable Hematocrit Centrifuge

The ZIPocrit centrifuge spins 4 75mm capillary tubes at 11,000 rpms. Designed for cell separations, microfiltration, an ...more here

Code:lw-scientific-zipocrit SKU:ZPC-04HF-7503

Ultra 8 Digital Centrifuge

The 8-place Ultra centrifuge has a unique, space-saving triangle shape to fit easily into a corner. This unit, made of s ...more here

Code:ULC08AD1501 SKU:

Ultra 8 Variable Speed Centrifuge

The 8-place Ultra centrifuge has a unique, space-saving triangle shape to fit easily into a corner. This unit, made of s ...more here

Code:ULC08AV1501 SKU:

Ultra 8 Selectable Speed Centrifuge

This model has a selectable 4-position speed control for up to 3,300 rpm that spins blood, urines, fecals, and other flu ...more here

Code:ULC08AS1501 SKU:

E8 Variable Speed Centrifuge

The 8-place E8 centrifuge is an economical variable speed centrifuge designed to fit any budget. This unit accommodates ...more here

Code:E8C08AV1501 SKU:

V24 Variable Speed Combo Centrifuge

Accomplish both test tube and microhematocrit separations. Simply choose a box and choose your rotors. The Combo spins t ...more here

Code:CMPBX777701 SKU:

Digital Timer

The LW Scientific Digital Lab Timer makes keeping track of time in your lab easy, all in one device. ...more here


E8 Portafuge Fixed Speed Centrifuge

Code:lw-scientific-e8-portafuge SKU:E8C-U8AF-150P

E8 Portafuge Variable Speed Centrifuge

Code:lw-scientific-e8-portafuge-variable-speed SKU:E8C-U8AV-150P

E8 Portafuge Digital Speed Centrifuge

Code:lw-scientific-e8-portafuge-digital-speed SKU:E8C-U8AD-15TP

5 Key Differential Counter

Code:lw-scientific-5-key SKU:CTL-DIFM-05KY

8 Key Differential Counter

Code:lw-scientific-8-key SKU:CTL-DIFM-08KY

Digital Differential Counter

Code:lw-digital SKU:CTL-DIFD-10K3

LW Scientific Hand Held Brix Refractomer Model # CTL-REFM-BR32

MSRP: $170.00 Price: $153.00

Code:lw-brix SKU:CTL-REFM-BR32

LW Scientific Protein/Specfic Gravity Refractometer Model # CTL-REFM-PRSG

MSRP: $170.00 Price: $153.00

Code:lw-scientific-protein SKU:CTL-REFM-PRSG

Oscillating Water Bath

Code:lw-scientific-oscillating-wb SKU:WBL-10LS-SSD1

20 Liter Water Bath

Code:lw-scientific-20l-water-bath SKU:WBL-20LC-SSD1

LW Scientific Blood Tube Rocker Model MXL-BLF7-16T1

MSRP: $498.00 Price: $398.40

Code:lw-scientific-blood-tube-rocker SKU:MXL-BLF7-16T1

LW Scientific Serology Digital Rotator Model # RTL-BLVD-24T1

MSRP: $498.00 Price: $398.40

Code:lw-scientific-digital-rotator SKU:RTL-BLVD-24T1

LW Scientific E8 Fixed Speed Centrifuge for Blood

Code:E8C-U8AF-1503 SKU:E8C-U8AF-1503

LW Scientific C5C-08SU-15T3 Swing-out 8 Place Rotor

MSRP: $2,149.00 Price: $1,934.10

Code:C5C-08SU-15T3 SKU:C5C-08SU-15T3

LW Scientific C5C-04SU-50T3 Swing-out 4 Place Rotor

MSRP: $2,599.00 Price: $2,339.10

Code:C5C-04SU-50T3 SKU:C5C-04SU-50T3

LW Scientific C5C-40AU-02T3 40-Place Micro-Tube

MSRP: $2,099.00 Price: $1,889.10

Code:C5C-40AU-02T3 SKU:C5C-40AU-02T3

LW Scientific C5C-BKSU-50T3 w/Swing-Out Buckets, 4-Place,50ml Holders

MSRP: $2,849.00 Price: $2,564.10

Code:C5C-BKSU-50T3 SKU:C5C-BKSU-50T3

LW ScientificIncubator 10L 65低 12vDC Model # DBL-08PL-50DP

MSRP: $679.00 Price: $611.10

Code:DBL-08PL-50DP SKU:DBL-08PL-50DP

LW Scientific Incubator 10L 65低 110v AC Model # ICL-010L-D031

MSRP: $625.00 Price: $562.50

Code:iCL-010L-D031 SKU:iCL-010L-D031

LW Scientific Incubator 20L 65低 11v AC Model # ICL-020L-D071

MSRP: $779.00 Price: $701.10

Code:iCL-020L-D071 SKU:iCL-020L-D071

LW Scientific Incubator 33L 65低 110v AC Model # iCL-033L-D121

MSRP: $879.00 Price: $791.10

Code:iCL-033L-D121 SKU:iCL-033L-D121

LW Scientific Incubator 30L 70低 Double Door 110v AC Model # iCL-030L-0101

MSRP: $1,245.00 Price: $1,120.50

Code:iCL-030L-0101 SKU:iCL-030L-0101

LW Scientific Incubator 50L 70低 Double Door 110v AC Model # iCL-050L-0171

MSRP: $1,559.00 Price: $1,403.10

Code:iCL-050L-0171 SKU:iCL-050L-0171

LW Scientific Incubator 80L 70低 Double Door 110v AC Model # iCL-80L-0281

MSRP: $2,199.00 Price: $1,979.10

Code:iCL-080L-0281 SKU:iCL-080L-0281