CaptairStore Chemical Storage Cabinet

Erlab's CaptairStore filtering chemical storage cabinets are used for storage of toxic or odorous chemicals while keepin ...more here


CaptairChemtrap Fireproof Storage Cabinet

The new CaptairChemtrap filtration system eliminates noxious vapors generated by chemicals stored in fireproof cabinets. ...more here


Quincy Lab 100SCK-B Beige Slide Cabinet

MSRP: $0.00 Price: $160.00

Code:quincylab-100SCK-B SKU:100SCK-B

Quincy Lab 100SB-B Beige Cabinet Base

MSRP: $0.00 Price: $68.00

Code:quincylab-100SB-B SKU:100SB-B

Quincy Lab 100SCDK-B Drawer For Slide Cabinet

MSRP: $0.00 Price: $21.50

Code:quincylab-100SCDK-B SKU:100SCDK-B

Quincy Lab 100SCK-I Ivory Cabinet

MSRP: $0.00 Price: $160.00

Code:quincylab-100SCK-I SKU:100SCK-I

Quincy Lab 100SCB-I Ivory Base

MSRP: $0.00 Price: $68.00

Code:quincylab-100SCB-I SKU:100SCB-I

Quincy Lab 100SCDK-I Ivory Drawer For Slide Cabinet

MSRP: $0.00 Price: $21.50

Code:quincylab-100SCDK-I SKU:100SCDK-I