CaptairStore Chemical Storage Cabinet

Erlab's CaptairStore filtering chemical storage cabinets are used for storage of toxic or odorous chemicals while keepin ...more here


CaptairChemtrap Fireproof Storage Cabinet

The new CaptairChemtrap filtration system eliminates noxious vapors generated by chemicals stored in fireproof cabinets. ...more here


Quincy Lab 100SCK-B Beige Slide Cabinet

Price: $160.00

Code:quincylab-100SCK-B SKU:100SCK-B

Quincy Lab 100SB-B Beige Cabinet Base

Price: $68.00

Code:quincylab-100SB-B SKU:100SB-B

Quincy Lab 100SCDK-B Drawer For Slide Cabinet

Price: $21.50

Code:quincylab-100SCDK-B SKU:100SCDK-B

Quincy Lab 100SCK-I Ivory Cabinet

Price: $160.00

Code:quincylab-100SCK-I SKU:100SCK-I

Quincy Lab 100SCB-I Ivory Base

Price: $68.00

Code:quincylab-100SCB-I SKU:100SCB-I

Quincy Lab 100SCDK-I Ivory Drawer For Slide Cabinet

Price: $21.50

Code:quincylab-100SCDK-I SKU:100SCDK-I

Bel-Art Polypropylene Wire Rack I.D. Tags

Code:13446-0000 SKU:13446-0000

Bel-Art Single Compartment Plastic Storage Box

Code:16611-0000 SKU:16611-0000

Bel-Art Plastic 6 Compartment Storage Box

Code:16612-0000 SKU:16612-0000

Bel-Art Plastic 24 Compartment Storage Box

Code:16614-0000 SKU:16614-0000

Bel-Art Plastic 12 Compartment Storage Box

Code:16622-0000 SKU:16622-0000

Bel-Art Plastic 18 Compartment Storage Box

Code:16623-0000 SKU:16623-0000

Bel-Art Plastic 6 Compartment Storage Box

Code:16632-0000 SKU:16632-0000

Bel-Art Poxygrid B.O.D. Bottle Rack

Code:16969-0012 SKU:16969-0012

Bel-Art Poxygrid Lead Flask Ring Holder

Code:18307-1000 SKU:18307-1000

Bel-Art Stainless Steel Bosshead

Code:18350-0000 SKU:18350-0000

Bel-Art Spring Action 9 IN Burette Clamp

Code:18354-0000 SKU:18354-0000

Bel-Art Poly-Jaque Plastic Lab Jack

Code:18391-0001 SKU:18391-0001

Bel-Art Electrode Rack; For 20MM Tubes

Code:18509-0000 SKU:18509-0000

Bel-Art Serum Vial Rack; For 10-13MM Vials

Code:18513-0072 SKU:18513-0072

Bel-Art Serum Vial Rack; For 13-16MM Vials

Code:18513-1640 SKU:18513-1640

Bel-Art Serum Vial Rack; For 16-20MM Vials

Code:18513-2040 SKU:18513-2040

Bel-Art Standards Bottle Rack; For 23MM Bottles

Code:18513-2300 SKU:18513-2300

Bel-Art Spectro Cuvette Rack; For 10MM Cuvettes

Code:18515-0000 SKU:18515-0000

Bel-Art Cuvette Rack; For 10MM Cuvettes

Code:18516-0000 SKU:18516-0000

Bel-Art Cuvette Rack; For 10MM Cuvettes

Code:18516-0787 SKU:18516-0787

Bel-Art No-Wire Cuvette Rack; For 10MM Cuvettes

Code:18520-0000 SKU:18520-0000

Bel-Art The Collector Blood Tray; Complete Set

Code:18631-0715 SKU:18631-0715

Bel-Art Lab Drawer 3 Compartment Tray

Code:18648-0000 SKU:18648-0000

Bel-Art Lab Drawer 1 Compartment Tray

Code:18655-0000 SKU:18655-0000

Bel-Art Lab Drawer 4 Compartment Tray

Code:18658-0000 SKU:18658-0000

Bel-Art Lab Fridge Tray Rack; 9 Channel

Code:18661-0000 SKU:18661-0000

Bel-Art Lab Fridge Tray Rack; 8 Channel

Code:18662-0000 SKU:18662-0000

Bel-Art Lab Fridge Tray Cabinet

Code:18663-0000 SKU:18663-0000

Bel-Art Acrylic Large Storage Bin

Code:18669-0000 SKU:18669-0000

Bel-Art Acrylic Small Storage Bin

Code:18669-0001 SKU:18669-0001

Bel-Art Polypropylene Test Tube Basket; No Lid

Code:18737-0000 SKU:18737-0000

Bel-Art Polypropylene Test Tube Basket; No Lid

Code:18738-0000 SKU:18738-0000

Bel-Art Polypropylene Test Tube Basket

Code:18739-0000 SKU:18739-0000

Bel-Art No-Wire Multi-Tube Rack

Code:18745-3011 SKU:18745-3011

Bel-Art No-Wire Multi-Tube Rack;18 Places

Code:18745-3017 SKU:18745-3017

Bel-Art Poxygrid Steel 50ML Conical Tube Holder

Code:18794-0003 SKU:18794-0003

Bel-Art Poxygrid Labware Drain Stand

Code:18805-0000 SKU:18805-0000

Bel-Art Pop Up 2 IN Freezer Box

Code:18829-0000 SKU:18829-0000

Bel-Art Pop Up 2 IN Freezer Box Divider

Code:18829-0001 SKU:18829-0001

Bel-Art Microcentrifuge Tube Rack Cover

Code:18845-0100 SKU:18845-0100

Bel-Art Floating Rack For Cryotubes;20 Places

Code:18876-0020 SKU:18876-0020

Bel-Art Slant Rack;For 13-16MM Tubes, 40 Places

Code:18890-0016 SKU:18890-0016

Bel-Art Slant Rack;For 16-20MM Tubes, 40 Places

Code:18890-0020 SKU:18890-0020

Bel-Art Color Comparison Tube Rack;6-8 Places

Code:18916-0000 SKU:18916-0000

Bel-Art Pipette Support Rack;16MM, 50 Places

Code:18953-0000 SKU:18953-0000

Bel-Art Pipettor Stand;6 Places

Code:18961-0060 SKU:18961-0060

Bel-Art Pipettor And Tip Storage Station

Code:18961-9166 SKU:18961-9166

Bel-Art Pipettor Stand;5 Places

Code:18962-0006 SKU:18962-0006

Bel-Art Vacu-Rack;143 Places

Code:18977-0000 SKU:18977-0000

Bel-Art Thermometer Rack;25 Places

Code:18981-0001 SKU:18981-0001

Bel-Art Easyplate Petri Dish Rack Turntable

Code:18982-1000 SKU:18982-1000

Bel-Art Petri Dish Incubation Tray

Code:18983-0000 SKU:18983-0000

Bel-Art 60MM Petri Dish Rack;54 Places, Plastic

Code:18991-0060 SKU:18991-0060

Bel-Art Imhoff Settling Cone; 1000ML, Styrene

Code:38990-0000 SKU:38990-0000

Bel-Art Microscope Slide Box; Holds 25 Slides

Code:44576-0000 SKU:44576-0000

Bel-Art Inhalation Narcosis Chamber

Code:46420-0002 SKU:46420-0002