CoolSNAP HQ2 Camera

The CoolSNAP HQ2 offers optimal low-light-level sensitivity across the entire visible spectrum — and even into the near- ...more here

Code:coolsnap-hq2 SKU:CSNAP-HQ2-M-FW-14-AC


Engineered for moderate to low-light life science applications, this unique cooled CCD enables high spatial resolution a ...more here

Code:coolsnap-myo SKU:CSNAP-MYO-M-USB-14-AC

Evolve Delta EMCCD 512

Code:Evolve-512-Delta SKU:EVO-512-DELTA-M-FW-16-AC

Evolve 128 EMCCD Camera

Photometrics introduces the Evolve™ 128 EMCCD camera. The Evolve 128 delivers the highest frame rates available with ext ...more here

Code:evolve-128 SKU:EVO-128-M-FW-16-AC

QuantEM:512 EMCCD Camera

The QuantEM 512SC is the only scientific camera in the world that offers electron-multiplying (EM) gain with true quanti ...more here

Code:quantem-512sc SKU:QEM-512-M-FW-16-AC

Evolve 512 EMCCD Camera

Code:evolve-512 SKU:EVO-512-M-FW-16-AC