Zeiss Microscope Light Bulb 12v 100w Part # 3800591660

Price: $28.00

Code:3800591660 SKU:3800591660

Zeiss Microscope Light Bulb 6v 15w Part # 3800181730

Price: $34.00

Code:3800181730 SKU:3800181730

Zeiss Microscope Light Bulb 6v 15w Part # 3800299020

Price: $34.00

Code:3800299020 SKU:3800299020

Axio Imager.A2m

This basic stand for simple documentation, measurement, and analysis in materials microscopy can be used for application ...more here

Code:axio_imager_A2m SKU:

Axio Imager.D2m

With a motorized 6- or 10-position reflector turret and in combination with a motorized switching mirror for two lamps, ...more here

Code:axio_imager_D2m SKU:

Axio Imager.M2m

Its motorized focus drive makes Axio Imager.M2m ideal for complex applications such as topographic analyses of silver st ...more here

Code:axio_imager_M2m SKU:

Zeiss Immersion Oil 518 N 100 ml Part # 0000001111807

Price: $68.00

Code:000000-1111-807 SKU:000000-1111-807

Zeiss Dust Cover (L650xB270xH500 mm) Model # 415510-1901

Price: $10.00

Code:415510-1901 SKU:415510-1901

Zeiss Dust cover M (L650xB200xH570 mm) Model # 434303

Price: $44.00

Code:434303 SKU:459311-0000

Zeiss Dust Cover K (L770xB550xH550 mm) Model # 459336

Price: $52.00

Code:459336 SKU:459336

Zeiss Dust Cover F (L600xB420xH620 mm) Model # 459330

Price: $27.00

Code:459330 SKU:459330-0000

Zeiss Dust Cover F (L520xB240xH470 mm) Model # 459315

Price: $27.00

Code:459315 SKU:459315-0000

Zeiss Dust Cover for Primo Star Microscope Model # 4155001800

Price: $8.00

Code:415500-1800 SKU:415500-1800

Zeiss Dust cover G (L570xB135xH650 mm) Model # 459306

Price: $19.00

Code:459306 SKU:459306

Zeiss Dust Cover L (L650 x W460 x H775) Model # 434304

Price: $49.00

Code:434304 SKU:434304