The Universal and high performance centrifuges are great for your higher need projects.

Z400/Z400K High Capacity Centrifuges

Multiple swing-out and angle rotor options make the Z 400 series centrifuges useful for a wide range of applications fro ...more here

Code:LNZ400 SKU:

Hermle Z366 Medium Capacity Centrifuge Model # C0366

With high capacity (6x250ml) and high speed (29,068 xg), The Z366 model is the ideal ambient centrifuge for any lab. ...more here

MSRP: $5,686.96 Price: $4,834.00

Code:hermle-c0366 SKU:C0366

Hermle Z306 Universal Centrifuge Model # C0306

The small universal laboratory centrifuge offers a wide range of applications, which covers clinical laboratory requirem ...more here

MSRP: $3,517.65 Price: $3,049.00

Code:hermle-z306 SKU:C0306

Z383 Hermle High Speed, High Capacity Centrifuge

High speed capabilities and large capacity rotors make the Z383 the ultimate in intelligent centrifuges. ...more here

Code:hermle-z383 SKU:C0383

Hermle Z 446 High Volume Universal Centrifuge Model # C0446

MSRP: $6,845.25 Price: $6,835.25

Code:hermle-z-446 SKU:C0446

Hermle Z 446K High Volume Universal Refrigerated Centrifuge Model # C0446-K

MSRP: $9,987.60 Price: $9,977.60

Code:hermle-z446K SKU:C0446-K

Hermle Z326 Hi-Speed Centrifuge Model # C0326

MSRP: $5,171.33 Price: $3,933.66

Code:hermle-z326 SKU:C0326