These mini centrifuges are compact size which makes them perfect for laboratories with limited space. They are easy to use and have a rubberized bottom to help reduce the noise of the machine.

Labnet Spectrafuge Mini Laboratory Centrifuge Model # C1301

Requiring less than six inches of bench space, the Spectrafuge Mini is supplied with rotors and adapters to accommodate ...more here

MSRP: $244.00 Price: $207.40

Code:LNC1301 SKU:C1301

Benchmark MyFuge Mini Centrifuge Model # C1008

MSRP: $269.00 Price: $228.65

Code:C1008B SKU:C1008B

Benchmark Scientific MyFuge 12 Mini Centrifuge Model # C1012

MSRP: $359.00 Price: $305.15

Code:benchmark-c1012 SKU:C1012

CM-50 Mini Centrifuge

The CM-50 Mini Centrifuge is one of the most compact and powerful mini-centrifuges available on the market. The patented ...more here

Code:CM50 SKU:

D1008 EZee Mini-Centrifuges

A compact, 8-place centrifuge ideal for quick spin downs of micro tubes and PCR tubes. Unit is customizable with your ch ...more here

Code:scilogex-d1008 SKU:91006141

C1248 StripSpin Mini Centrifuge

The new StripSpin 12 Mini Centrifuge from Benchmark is the only mini centrifuge designed for centrifugation of 12 posit ...more here

MSRP: $439.00 Price: $373.15

Code:C1248 SKU:

Mini G Centrifuge

The Mini G is just that - a mini-centrifuge for all applications which do not require high speeds (e.g. micro-filtration ...more here


Labnet Prism Mini Centrifuge Model # C1801

Reliable and easy-to-use, the Prismô Mini Centrifuge is compact and economical, allowing each workstation to be equipped ...more here

MSRP: $256.00 Price: $191.00

Code:c1801-labnet-prism-mini SKU:C1801

Labnet Mini PCR Plate Spinner Centrifuge Model # MPS 1000

Labnet International's mini plate spinner centrifuge, the MPS 1000 Mini PCR Plate Spinner is an excellent option for tho ...more here

MSRP: $558.00 Price: $393.94

Code:labnet-mps1000 SKU:C1000

Slide Spinner

Labnet's new Slide Spinner centrifuge dries 2 microarray slides within a 10 seconds. ...more here

Code:labnet-slide-spinner SKU:C1303-T

Spectrafuge Mini Laboratory Centrifuge

Code:labnet-spectrafuge-mini SKU:C1301