Vibration Isolation Platform LIP Series

The Series 275 Lab Isolation Platform is lightweight and easy to set up. It is comprised of a sturdy, gray PVC platform ...more here

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Vibration Isolation Platform VIP320

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275 Lab Isolation Platform

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Antivibration Pad Extra Small

Code:eppendorf-antivibration-pad-xs SKU:920007975

Antivibration Pad Small

Code:eppendorf-antivibration-pad-s SKU:920007953

Eppendord Antivibration Pad Medium

Code:eppendorf-antivibration-pad-m SKU:920007961

Eppendord Antivibration Pad Large

Code:eppendorf-antivibration-pad-l SKU:920007970

Eppendord Antivibration Pad Extra large

Code:eppendorf-antivibration-pad-xl SKU:920007988