Tokai-Hit Thermo Plate for K-Type Frame Holder Model # TP-SQ

MSRP: $2,800.00 Price: $2,800.00

Code:tokai-hit-tp-sq SKU:TP-SQ

Tokai-Hit Thermo Plate for M Type Frame Holder Part # TP-SQM

MSRP: $2,800.00 Price: $2,800.00

Code:tokai-hit-tp-sqm SKU:TP-SQM

Tokai-Hit Thermal Plate with Cooling for K-Type Frame Holder Part # TP-CHSQ-C

MSRP: $9,800.00 Price: $9,800.00

Code:tokai-hit-tp-chsq-C SKU:TP-CHSQ-C

Tokai-Hit Metal Thermal Plate for K-Type Holder Part # TP-SQH26

MSRP: $3,600.00 Price: $3,600.00

Code:tokai-hit-tp-sqh26 SKU:TP-SQH26

Tokai-Hit Thermal Plate Metal with Heating and Cooling Part # TP-CHSQM-C

MSRP: $9,800.00 Price: $9,800.00

Code:tokai-hit-tp-chsqm-c SKU:TP-CHSQM-C

Tokai-Hit Thermal Plate for Prior H117 Motorized Stages Part # TP-SQP

MSRP: $0.00 Price: $2,800.00

Code:tokai-hit-tp-sqp SKU:TP-SQP

Tokai-Hit Thermal Plate for Prior H107 Motorized Stages Part # TP-SQUP

MSRP: $0.00 Price: $2,800.00

Code:tokai-hit-tp-squp SKU:TP-SQUP

Tokai-Hit Imaging Type Thermal Plate for Prior H117 Motorized Stage Part # TP-SQH26P

MSRP: $0.00 Price: $3,600.00

Code:tokai-hit-tp-sqh26p SKU:TP-SQH26P