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Volatile Matter Furnace 10-6
    Volatile Matter Furnace 10-6
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    • Volatile Matter Furnace 10-6

      SKU: VMF 10/6
      Product Code: carbolite-vmf-10-6
      Vendor: Carbolite
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    The VMF is specifically designed for testing the volatile matter of coal.

    Standard Features

    • VMF / ASTM for testing to ASTM D3175-11
    • VMF / ASTM complete with crucible holder
    • VMF 10/6 for testing to ISO 562:2010
    • VMF 10/6 parallel opening door

    Options (specify these at time of order)

    • VMF 10/6 calibration ports to enable unsheathed thermocouple to be positioned below each crucible
    • Accessory crucibles and lids available
    • 4 crucible rack with loading handle (for VMF 10/6)
    • 9 crucible rack with loading hangle (for VMF 10/6)
    • Over temperature protection
    • Digital communications or nanodac paperless chart recorder to provide documentary evidence of the test procedure (for VMF 10/6)
    • Optional calibrated thermocouple probe with digital indicator (for VMF 10/6)

    Technical Specifications

    Max temp (C) 1000
    Type Front loading
    Maximum continuous operating temp (C) 900
    Heat-up time (mins) 20 to 900C
    Dimensions: Internal H x W x D (mm) 100 x 210 x 260
    External H x W x D (mm)
    655 x 435 x 610
    Max power (W) 3000
    Thermocouple type K
    Weight (kg) 47
    Power supply 220 - 240V, 50-60Hz, single phase, 13A