WS-1-SL White Reflectance Standard with Spectralon

WS-1-SL White Reflectance Standard with Spectralon
Code: ws-1-sl
Vendor: Ocean Optics

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Diffuse Standards for Reflectance Measurements

Ocean Optics offers two types of diffuse reflectance standards. The WS-1 uses a PTFE optical diffuser, a Lambertian material distinguished by its white matte finish and reflectivity >98% from 250-1500 nm and >95% from 250-2200 nm.

For field work or unclean environments, the WS-1-SL can be a good option. Its Spectralon diffusing material can be smoothed, flattened and cleaned if it gets pitted or dirty. Reflectivity is 99% from 400-1500 nm and >96% (250-2000 nm).

  • Diffusing materials choose from PTFE or Spectralon standards
  • High reflectivity over broad range >95% reflectivity from 250-2200 nm
  • More options additional Spectralon reflectance standards and targets also available
    Engineering Specifications WS-1-SL
    Dimensions: 32 mm OD, 10 mm thick (tile)
    Weight: 30 g
    Spectral range: 250-2500 nm
    Diffusing material: Spectralon
    Housing material: Delrin
    Reflectivity: 99% (400-1500 nm)>96% (250-2000 nm)