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FluorGlo for Lipophilic Dyes
    FluorGlo for Lipophilic Dyes
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    • FluorGlo for Lipophilic Dyes

      SKU: FG-AFMML-025
      Product Code: vs-fluorglo-lipophilic
      Vendor: Valley Scientific
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    FluorGlo antifade mounting media for lipophilic dyes is specially formulated to increase viewing time and photostability.

    Most mounting media contain lipid emulsifying agents that would cause lipid membranes to deteriorate over a very short time limiting viewing window available.  These agents tend to increase the refractive index of the mounting media making regular microscopy better (closer match to glass indexes).  Our FluorGlo for lipophilic dyes formulation does away with those compounds, supplementing with a different stabilizer with less emulsifying capability, while this drops the refractive index slightly it does elongate the available time window of viewing.  Heavily wrapped structures such as axons in a myelin sheath take longer for the myelin wrapping to deteriorate, while dendrites or regular cell membranes emulsify rapidly. 

    The advantage with FluorGlo for lipophilic dyes is that the center of the slide remains liquid for some time reducing damage to the lipophilic dyes. While all lipophilic dyes are unstable in slides, FluorGlo for lipophilic dyes formulation can protect the dye from days to weeks depending on the nature of the sample.