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Tucsen DigiRetina 16 USB3.0 16MP Color Digital Camera
    Tucsen DigiRetina 16 USB3.0 16MP Color Digital Camera
    Purchase Tucsen DigiRetina 16 USB3.0 16MP Color Digital Camera
    • Tucsen DigiRetina 16 USB3.0 16MP Color Digital Camera

      SKU: DigiRetina 16
      Product Code: tucsen-digiretina-16
      Vendor: Tucsen
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    Innovative Dual Processor

    FPGA Dual Processor
    The innovative dual FPGA processors, FPGA1 for high definition image quality and FPGA2 for image transfer, guarantees superb quality images at high frame rates. 
    Two High Performance Elements
    CMOS Imaging Sensor
    16 Megapixel resolution, remarkable representation of the finest details, no loss of image fidelity.
    USB3.0 Chip
    Latest USB3.0 standard, 5Gb/s ultra high speed data transfer, high efficiency and easy to use.
    Superior Quality
    16 MP High Definition Resolution
    DigiRetina 16 provides 16MP high resolution still image acquisition and video recording with sharp image quality and vibrant color.
    Accurate Color Rendition
    Thanks to the professional dual image processors, DigiRetina16 delivers precise color reproduction and sharp images. The high quality video recording performance allows the capture of every precise detail. 
    Remarkable Representation of Fine Details
    With the latest 16MP CMOS sensor, DigiRetina16 has amazing performance for the finest details,providing far better fidelity than the current range of low resolution sensors. Even imaging a specimen under a 20x objective, DigiRetina16 guarantees premium image quality.
    Surprising Low Light Performance
    Embedded hardware binning and 3D denoise technologies result in DigiRetina16’s surprising performance in low light applications. DigiRetina16 is capable of delivering remarkable image quality even in low light or weak light applications.
    Wide Range Color Temperature Adjustment
    DigiRetina16 has an integrated 1800-10000K color temperature adjustment. This feature, which has previously only been available on high-end scientific cameras, significantly improves the white balance, delivering incredible color fidelity in the original image, eliminating the need for any post processing. DigiRetina16 creates stunning visual effects for different samples and different lighting sources, always giving true to life images.
    Ultra High Speed Data Transfer
    The built-in USB3.0 interface of DigiRetina16 transfers image data at ultra high speed, which enables users to find and focus easily, even at full resolution.