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Tokia-Hit Thermo Plate for Nikon TS100 Microscope Part # TP-CKS
    Tokia-Hit Thermo Plate for Nikon TS100 Microscope Part # TP-CKS
    Purchase Tokia-Hit Thermo Plate for Nikon TS100 Microscope Part # TP-CKS
    • Tokia-Hit Thermo Plate for Nikon TS100 Microscope Part # TP-CKS

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      Vendor: Tokai Hit
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    Tokia-Hit Thermal Plates and Warming Stages for Nikon Microscopes 800 955-7732 for Questions

    Microscope-Stage Automatic Thermocontrol System

    Tokia-Hit ThermoPlates ensure more accurate and more reliable thermal control of the specimens during the observation under a microscope. Wide product range supports Biotechnology Science and Industry.

    Clear Glass Heater

    The Thermoplate utilizes a special transparent heating material
    coated onto a hard glass. The Thermoplate can be used for
    observing or manipulating specimen under phase contrast
    and polarization.
    The flat plate surface ensures easy operation of the
    microscopes and relocation of specimen.

    Environmentally and user-friendly design

    Along with its great functionality and high performance,
    TPÕs new design creates a warm, relaxed lab environment.
    Five color variations are available. Please choose your color!
    Five colors are available only for standard glass plate and lens heater.
    Colorful controller makes lab comfortable!

    Feature 1 Enables ease of temperature measurement

    Sterilized sensor can measure (external) the actual sample temperature. Also, it enables on-site calibration
    to provide optimal temperature setting at your laboratory.

    Feature 2 Temperature Management Software TEM

    Monitors, records and logs sample
    or plate temperature which the sensor measures.
    Saves data in CSV format which can be used
    in spreadsheets.

    Feature 3 Stable imaging, effective for high magnification

    In addition to PID control, TP features Continuous Current Control, minimizing focus drift generated by heat compared to
    the standard On-Off control method. Especially effective for observation when high magnification is required.

    Thermoplate provides uniform temperature distribution!

    Compatible with the following microscopes:

    • TS100
    • TS100-F


    • Glass plate
    • Preset temperature: room temperature ~ 50¡C
    • Glass plate thickness: 1.0 mm uniform or 0.5mm at plate center (50mm _ 50mm)
    • Rectangle 97.5 wide x 130mm