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NIST-Traceable Visible Absorbance Standards
    NIST-Traceable Visible Absorbance Standards
    Purchase NIST-Traceable Visible Absorbance Standards
    • NIST-Traceable Visible Absorbance Standards

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    Ocean Optics NIST-Traceable Visible Absorbance Standard STAN-ABS-VIS

    STAN-ABS absorbance standards are handy tools for verifying the photometric accuracy of your spectrometer setup. Ocean Optics offers two calibration standards kits – the STAN-ABS-UV for the spectral range from 200-450 nm and the STAN-ABS-VIS for the range from 400-900 nm. Each kit comprises a background reference for low, medium and high absorbance solutions and is ready to use without additional solutions preparation. All standards are non-toxic and have a one-year shelf life.
    • NIST-traceable – ensure accuracy in absorbance measurements at specified wavelengths
    • UV and Visible kits – options for 200-450 nm and 400-900 nm wavelength ranges
    • Ready to use – no dilution or solutions preparation necessary


    Engineering Specifications STAN-ABS
    Absorbance wavelengths: 200-450 nm (STAN-ABS-UV) and 400-900 nm (STAN-ABS-VIS)
    Volume: 125 mL
    Aqueous solution: <0.1% styrene divinylbenzene copolymer beads in 90-100% water
    NIST traceability: Kit-to-kit variance <+/-1%

    Absorbance Standards Applications

    Optical instrumentation should be calibrated with reliable standards to ensure accurate measurements. The regular use of absorbance standards ensures careful assessment of clarity, particle counts, sizes and colors. The precision and ease of use of absorbance standards make the standards attractive to many industries. For example, absorbance standards are used in the biomedical and pharmaceutical industries, where stringent quality control requirements are commonplace. The food and beverage, petrochemical, semiconductor, and paper and pulp industries all benefit from using these standards as well. For instance, the food and beverage industry uses absorbance standards to calibrate instruments that monitor the clarity of liquids such as beer, wine and juices.

    Brownian Motion(just in case you were wondering)

    Brownian motion is the observed movement of small particles as the molecules of the surrounding medium randomly bombard them. Scottish botanist Robert Brown first observed this phenomenon in 1827. Albert Einstein developed the first mathematical theory of Brownian motion in 1905; for this work he received the Nobel Prize.