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RMC LN Ultra Crysectioning System
    RMC LN Ultra Crysectioning System
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    • RMC LN Ultra Crysectioning System

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    High Stability Cryosectioning System
    for use on the PT-PC Ultramicrotomes

    Cryosectioning system with high stability temperature control most suitable for Tokuyasu technique, for cryo immuno labeling and demanding CEMOVIS applications where ribbons of cryosections need to be collected and transferred.

    Supplied complete with the following:

    a. Insulated & externally heated cryosectioning chamber

    b. Cryo workstation with handrests and tool tray

    c. Cryochamber covers (3)

    d. Electronic control unit with 4 temperature memory channels and digital display of knife and specimen temperatures

    e. Electrical interconnect cables

    f. Specimen mounting pins (10 @ 2mm, 3 mm 6.5mm)

    g. Pin holders

    h. Flat specimen holder

    i. Four knife holders for combination of glass and diamond knives with optional tungsten carbide or diamond trimming tools

    j. Microscopic mounted Breath Shield

    k. Assorted cryo-tools

    l. 12 liter table top LN2 Dewar with cap

    m. LN2 Pump (non-pressurized) with insulated transfer line

    n. Pump stand

    o. Power supply unit

    p. Instruction manual


    100/120/200/240/V, 50/60 Hz

    Shipping dimensions:

    25″ x 25″ x 25″

    Gross shipping weight : 67 lbs