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Vibration Isolation Platform VIP320
    Vibration Isolation Platform VIP320
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    • Vibration Isolation Platform VIP320

      Product Code: newport-vip320
      Vendor: Newport
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    Our Vibration Isolation Platforms are meant to sit on a sturdy table or work bench, with microscopes, sample preparation tools, hardness testers or other vibration sensitive equipment placed on top. This special platform cuts off the transmission of vibrations from the tabletop or work bench into the equipment. These platforms can also be placed directly on the floor to isolate larger items such as incubators or motor driven equipment such as generators or compressors.

    Our platforms are passive, mechanical and maintenance free, and therefore require no external services. Services such as compressed air or electrical power, supporting software or hardware, or calibration are completely unnecessary with Vistek platforms. The bearings used in these platforms effectively isolate for horizontal and vertical vibration components in all six degrees of freedom.

    Our platforms are comprised of a black powder-coated steel plate supported on three, four or more Vibration isolution bearing. We can also supply hard black anodized aluminum platforms.

    We supply optical breadboard platforms available in any size in which optical breadboards are manufactured. Newport Corp, is our supplier for these breadboards and we can modify the size and shape to fit custom applications when necessary.