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Vibration Isolation Platform LIP Series
    Vibration Isolation Platform LIP Series
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    • Vibration Isolation Platform LIP Series

      Product Code: newport-lip-275-series
      Vendor: Newport
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    Our General Lab Isolation Platforms (LIPs) are specifically designed for lab balances, Petri dishes, and other small lab equipment and devices, all of which are susceptible to environmental vibrations created by HVAC equipment, elevators, automobile traffic, foot-traffic, shakers, and other equipment. Our lab platforms cut out the transmission of both horizontal and vertical vibrations from the work surface.

    The Series 275 Lab Isolation Platform is lightweight and easy to set up. It is comprised of a sturdy, gray PVC platform with a neoprene, non-stick surface supported by three or four Series 275 Vibration Isolation Bearings. These bearings are passive, mechanical bearings that employ Vistek's patented╩vibration isolation╩technology (US Patent No. 6,517,060, 6,520,283 and foreign patents pending (not pending-issued)). Our lab platforms can handle loads up to 52 lbs (24 kgs).

    LIP 275 Series
    Plate Dimensions╩
    inches (mm)
    Max Isolation Payload Capacity╩
    lbs (kg)
    Product Weight Part Numbers
    Width Depth
    8 (203) 10 (254) 43 (19) 9 (4) LIP275-0810-01
    10 (254) 15 (381) 52 (24) 15 (7) LIP275-1015-01
    12 (305) 22 (559) 45 (20) 23 (10) LIP275-1222-01
    The product weights include the weight of the standard packaging. When calculating shipping weight for export outside of the continental US, contact Vistek Inc. It may be advisable to crate the packages.╩

    Introducing the LIP 175

    Newport has recently developed a new elastomeric vibration isolation bearing (patent pending) for less demanding applications. The LIP-175-912-01 is a 9 inch by 12 inch rectangular platform suitable for isolating smaller low to medium power microscopes when environmental conditions are impacting image quality. The platform is approximately one inch high and can isolate payloads up to 40 lbs.