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Julabo PRESTO W91 Temperature Control System Model # 9421912
    Julabo PRESTO W91 Temperature Control System Model # 9421912
    Purchase Julabo PRESTO W91 Temperature Control System Model # 9421912
    • Julabo PRESTO W91 Temperature Control System Model # 9421912

      SKU: 9421912
      Product Code: julabo-presto-W91
      Vendor: Julabo
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    Julabo PRESTO W91 Temperature Control System Model # 9421912

    The PRESTO W91 Highly Dynamic Temperature Control Systems are amongst the most powerful units available. Their impressive power is harnessed by cutting-edge control technology. The W91 provides extraordinary heating, cooling, and pumping performance. But it also comes with the functions and features that make the new generation of PRESTO so unique.


    • Extremely fast cool-down and heat-up times
    • Wide working temperature range without changing the bath fluid
    • Very fast compensation of exothermic and endothermic reactions
    • Unsurpassed power and efficiency
    • Heating capacity up to 36 kW
    • Ambient temperature range +5 C to +40 C
    • Space optimized design creates more room directly next to the units
    • Integrated 5.7” industrial color touchscreen displays all essential information and enables simple fingertip control
    • Extensive warning, protection, and monitoring functions with
      detailed self-explanatory messages
    • ICC cascade control for extraordinary precision, temperature stability 0.05 C … 0.2 C
    • Integrated programmer with real-time clock
    • Filling level indicator and pump capacity displayed electronically
    • Powerfol circulating pumps, electronically adjustable in stages or by setting the pressure value
    • Interface for SD memory card
    • Connections for USB, Ethernet, RS232, and Alarm output
    • Optional analog connections, RS485, Profibus DP, Modbus

    Technical Data

    Order No. 9421912
    Category Temperature Control PRESTO
    Working temperature range (C) -91 ... +250
    Temperature control ICC
    Temperature stability (C) 0.05 ... 0.2
    Setting / display resolution 0.01 C
    Integrated programmer 8x60 steps
    Temperature Display TFT Touchscreen
    Heating capacity (kW) 18
    Cooling capacity (Medium: JULABO Thermal | Ethanol)
    C 200 100 20 0 -20 -40 -60 -80
    kW 11 11 11 11 9.5 9 6.5 1.5
    Pump capacity flow rate (l/min) 26 ... 80
    Pump capacity flow pressure (psi) 7.25...43.51
    Viscosity max. (cSt) 50
    Pump connections M38x1.5
    External Pt100 sensor connection integrated
    Digital interfaces RS232
    Optional Profibus
    SD memory card
    Optional RS485
    Analog connection input / output Optional
    Ambient temperature 5 ... 40 C
    Dimensions W x L x H (inch) 37.4 x 50 x 74.8
    Weight (LBS) 1698
    Sound pressure level (distance 1 m) max. (dBA) 74
    Process volume min. (active heat exchanger volume) liters 28 (16)
    Internal usable expansion vol. (liters) 40
    Classification according to DIN12876-1 Classification III (FL)
    Description All data refers to the nominal voltage of 400 V, 3-phase, nominal frequency of 50 Hz and ambient temperature of +20 C. Cooling capacity measured at max. pump stage. All pump data refers to a bath fluid with a specific density of 1 kg/dm.
    Cooling of compressor 2-stage Water
    Cooling water connection G ‘‘ male with barbed fittings for tubing ’’ lD
    Cooling water consumption (l/min) 16…43
    Cooling water temperature (C) <30
    Cooling water differential pressure (bar) 0.5
    Power requirement V / Hz / A 3x 480/60/38 Additional voltage versions available
    Available voltage versions 3 x 400V/50Hz (+/- 10%) Without Plug
    3 x 480V/60Hz (+/- 10%) Without Plug