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X-Cite Optical Power Measurement System
    X-Cite Optical Power Measurement System
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    • X-Cite Optical Power Measurement System

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    Optical Power Meter and Sensor

    The X-Cite®Optical Power Measurement System is designed for measuring optical power in watts at the specimen level that enables consistent and repeatable illumination throughout research experiments, and also assist in equipment set-up and troubleshooting. The system includes the X-Cite XP750 sensor which has a low, sleek profile that fits on the microscope stage and offers the versatility of measuring power output from an X-Cite microscope illuminator or any other epi-fluorescence light source

    For the ultimate in repeatability, the X-Cite XR2100 will calibrate the illuminator using power data from either the light guide input port or the X-Cite XP750 at the objective plane.

    "The XP750 is destined to become an important staple in the toolbox of every investigator who is doing quantitative work that demands absolute repeatability in terms of excitation output. This unit is far superior to standard power meters because it fits perfectly into a slide holder and positions the light sensor at the objective focal plane."

    Michael W. Davidson,
    The Florida State University

    Features Benefits
    X-Cite XP750 & XR2100
    Microscope slide dimensions with a low profile Fits in a standard microscope clip for convenient measuring of light directly from the objective, without removing or reconfiguring equipment
    Compatible with lamps, laser and LED light sources Economically use one system to service multiple microscopes, regardless of illumination technology
    Large detection surface area – 10mm Appropriate for use with both low and high magnification objectives
    No focusing required Obtain accurate measurements quickly
    Wide range of wavelengths and power Suitable for use with full range of applications and microscope configurations
    Calibration traceable to NIST* / NRC** standards Achieve quality assurance and confidence in accuracy of results
    X-Cite XR2100
    LCD display with backlight View data clearly, even in the dim lighting conditions of a microscopy imaging suite
    Two input ports for measuring power via objective plane sensor or light guide Selectively monitor light source performance of entire microscope system or individual components
    Calibration traceable to NIST* Achieve quality assurance and confidence in accuracy of results
    One-button / click for data collection, storage and exporting Keep data organized with accurate, paperless record keeping
    PC interface Manage settings and data conveniently via PC; automatable for convenience and OEM use
    Compatibility with X-Cite exactecalibration feature Easily calibrate X-Cite exacte via light guide or objective plane sensor to display and set power in watts
    *NIST – National Institute of Standards and Technology
    **NRC – National Research Council
    ***Calibration of X-Cite XR2100 and X-Cite XP750 is recommended every twelve months.
    Contact Excelitas Technologies Corp. for further information.