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      SKU: 930001007
      Product Code: eppendorf-microloader
      Vendor: Eppendorf
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    Product Description

    Femtotip microinjection capillaries and Microloader enable rapid, precise microinjection with the utmost reproducibility. Stringent quality-control procedures ensure the best possible quality. The combination of InjectMan NI 2, FemtoJet and Femtotips ensures exact results with high-throughput experiments.


    (medium grey) 0.5 L20 L, 100 mm, 2 racks of 96


    • Pipette tip for filling the microinjection capillaries
    • Rack package can be sterilized
    • Ideal for recovering surplus solution from the capillary

      Microloader tips
      Purity grade Eppendorf Quality
      Packaging type Disposable rack
      Filter tip Non-filter
      Volume range 0.5-20 L (lt. grey)
      Tip fit Universal
      LoRentention treated No